Navigating AI - A podcast on How to move the needle forward in AI Policy!


Navigating AI is a podcast facilitating a diverse exchange of views on the topic of Artificial Intelligence policy in order to ensure that all our voices are heard.

On this podcast, we speak to experts from different walks of life to discuss what opportunities AI is bringing to us and what risks we need to manage.

Our focus is on Innovation in Policy and Governance. We survey the globe for inspiration, best practices, and success stories on how to build trust through effective governance, and how to accelerate the adoption of AI for a better world.

We take our listeners up close and personal with global policymakers, business leaders, top-notch academics, civil society advocates, and inventors to hear first-hand about their big wins and their suggestions for NAVIGATING the future for our next generations.

Join us to broaden your understanding and learn how to become an active contributor to the Global AI Policy debate.

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