In this episode of Navigating AI, we’re joined by Prof Elliott Ash, Chair of Law, Economics, and Data Science at ETH Zurich. Prof Ash shares his journey into AI policy and governance, where we explore the use of AI in education, and discuss the implications and the role academic institutions can play to help us find the right balance between the risks and opportunities of AI.  In this episode, Prof Ash explains…

What is chat GPT? How does it work? How has it evolved more recently and what is the latest thinking about how it is transforming academia? He discusses the role academic and research institutions play to broaden the public debate, closing the technical gap, and supporting policymaking in AI.

The episode also has bonus insights regarding how AI is used in the justice system and how we as a society should prepare for its responsible adoption!

Prof Elliott Ash,  Chair of Law, Economics, and Data Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich. Bio / - Connect with Ayisha Piotti Managing Partner at RegHorizon and Director of AI Policy at ETH Zurich Center for Law and Economics at: