Delusion: Nocturnes & Nightmares 2023 in Los Angeles

Haunted Attraction Network

Oct 26 2023 • 12 mins

An interview with Jon Braver on this year's delusion, open select nights through November 19th, 2023. Since 2011, guests have played their part in the world's most visceral, captivating, and unique live experience. A living, breathing world of fantastical horror where stories come to vivid life, and guests become integral actors in the unfolding narrative. Yet this tapestry of terror is more than shows. With Nocturnes & Nightmares, we learn there is more to the Delusion saga than meets the eye. A mysterious figure known only as The Author has penned every Delusion story since its inception. Bringing words to life. Ink to reality. It is more a curse than a gift, as The Author plays with fire. Devoted fans (our guests) will be swallowed into various stories and connect with characters both dire and beloved as they track down the mysterious author behind the Delusion series and learn of a disturbing agenda.