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Rock and heavy metal album reviews, news and local band listings for the Milwaukee, WI area with your host Carrie Zylka, the Heavy Metal Huntress.

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070 - Zack Brannon
May 5 2022
27 mins
070 - Zack Brannon069 - Angelo Petropoulos of Heart of Black068 - Elise of Sabbatha Chicago067 - Tim Jackson and TJ Richardson of Salvation’s End066 - Zoy Begos, the WAMI's and ZandR Entertainment065 - Scott Couch of NightSnake064 - Paul Karcz Lead Singer of Imperial Fall063 - Shane Obershaw of And Podcast for All062 - Shane Obershaw of One - Metallica Tribute Band061 - Michele McCarthy of Shelly Mack and The ReUnion060 - Kevin Goocher Of Gods & Monsters059 – January 4th Metal Show at Saloon on Calhoun with Thrasher, Imperial Fall and Master of Puppets058 - Aaron Grove of Axxios056 - Kristy Tallica of Damaged Justice054 - Nick Smith of Ten Feet Tall053 - Fang VonWrathenstein Lords of The Trident052 - Lindy Gabriel of Gabriel and the Apocalypse051 - Michael Angelo Batio w/Marsy Flame050 - Steven Fedder - Under Darkest Skies049 - Thomas Mikols of Killmister on being the lead singer of a Motorhead tribute band.