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Soulful Wisdom, Strategies and Humor for authentic human evolution. Jill Renee Feeler invites us into not just another dimension of ourselves, but into another spectrum of our humanity. She is boldly setting the stage for 21st century spirituality, ushering in a way for being divine while also being wholly human.

Policy Shock SyndromeTravel, Portals, Stargates, Possible Alien Visitations That Helped Create Ancient Sites
This message is about travel to Egypt and Jordan, portals, star gates, possible alien visitations that helped create the ancient site of Petra's Treasury in Jordan. I hope you enjoy this flashback message. And, I hope you aren’t thinking of little green men when you think of alien visitors. Because a lot of us in this community feel like visitors from another time, another place or even from beyond time and beyond space. Our expanded range of self created a human, us, so that we could be here and offer our own version of source layers to humanity. That technically is an alien visitation. But no human’s soulful layers is from here. So everyone is actually just visiting ;-) Top-rated intuitive. The coach's coach, consciousness teacher's teacher, intuitive’s intuitive. Go-to resource for those who appreciate logical, inspired explanations at the the intersections of science, philosophy and metaphysics.  Offering original insights and theories in the fields of consciousness and esoteric understanding around the world since 2010. Jill helps this world better understand itself, its purpose and why it's here. In 2008, Jill had a transformational experience. It wasn’t from hitting rock bottom, nor from a near death experience. She was stressed about a career decision and her sister-in-law recommended her psychic, which as an MBA sounded crazy. The reading set in motion dominos of unfolding into a transcendent version of myself that felt weirdly planned. She tapped into an internal access of unique, natural gifts for wisdom, insights, and philosophy. Jill provides innovative, rational, effective access to transcendence, metaphysics and self-actualization. Readings, Coaching, Presentations, Guest Spots, Published Books, Retreats, Epic travel. With love and cosmic hugs, Jill An MBA who likes crystals and talks with Jesus https://jillreneefeeler.com
Jan 21 2022
1 hr 10 mins
2022 Predictions Expanding the CenterMeditation and Update for Week of Dec 20 2021Support for my Fellow Creators and Inspirers
Have you ever felt inspired to share something on social media but got nervous, intimidated?  Are you afraid of negative comments on your posts?  Have you experienced internet trolls, haters or just negative people who seem motivated to tear others down?  These feelings are so natural, especially with so much divisive, toxic interactions on social media. It can be intimidating to share inspired ideas publicly. In this podcast and here, I provide you with strategies for sharing yourself publicly on your terms. You probably have some pretty amazing ideas you want to share with others. There are so many reasons why we may hold ourselves back from being a more expanded version of ourselves in this world. Criticism that isn't constructive, that feels like it is done thoughtlessly, can hurt. This sensitivity can be especially true for empaths. In this podcast, I share some advice and insights for sharing your work on social media and some options and strategies you may not have considered. I've been sharing my work online since 2009 and have felt many of the sensations and hesitations described above. I noticed recently that Steven Pinker disables comments on his social media posts and I love the freedom of this approach. I support and am alongside so many inspiring creators, who often don't share publicly because of the possible ridicule they may experience on social media. Set your own rules! The social media apps allow for disabling comments and it is ok to share without inviting dialogue. Is it less common? Yes. It is unwelcome by some? Yes. Will Facebook and possibly other platforms limit visibility of your post if comments are disabled? Yes. There are trade offs. But if it is a matter of you sharing your inspired ideas, or not, then please consider this option that Pinker unapologetically uses in his sharing. This brief podcast also supports your authority over what you create, offer, share and represent in this world. There are some very unfortunate intuitive and psychic readers out there who offer dictates such as (dramatic voice, please) "thou shalt author materials in this realm, as commanded by your spirit guides and God." This outdated form of reading leads many spiritual seekers, lightworkers and awakened individuals to feel as if they are in service to their higher self. My work offers you a completely new operating system for being the light you are. I help you create a system such that your higher self, your spirit guides, your soulfulness is in support of you, not you in support of it. It's a liberated, authentic method that yields dramatically different results for anyone truly interested in connecting with Source Creator energy (God). I highly recommend it. The testimonials on my site and over a decade of 5 star reviews from even the most advanced, experts in spirituality, consciousness and philosophy are the evidence that it works. I am honored to admit that I am a psychic to psychics, a healer to healers, a creator of philosophy for those desiring intelligent answers to their biggest, and smallest, questions about how this reality actually operates.
Dec 18 2021
10 mins
Reflections and Growth from Previous Beliefs
https://jillreneefeeler.com/jrfpodcast247 What do you do when your previous views now feel outdated and limiting?  In this message, I reflect on a FB post from 5 years prior and how I would re-write it today.  I now see the presumption and possibly even arrogance in the attitudes I held 5 years ago. I accept and offer grace to myself for that limited view and celebrate the more expansive, albeit complex present views I now hold.  I hope this message helps others to create space for changing your heart, and mind about things you once hold dear. Also, offering some insight into the benefits of anger and disagreement.  Sometimes being passionately opposed to an idea, and even angry, led to a softening of an idea outside my field. That softening can then lead to a breakthrough, where the once angering idea becomes so real you wonder why you didn't see it before. To me, this is another way that expansion, liberation and even evolution of consciousness can and does work.   ~~ Jill is a true visionary in cosmology, consciousness and transcendence.  Her incredible intuition, pioneering spirit along with her MBA and zero tolerance for bullshit allow her to be the game changing speaker, consultant and companion in life that she is to top performers and personal best devotees across the globe.  ~~ Egypt trip March 30 - April 13 2022, 5 star travel, incredible itinerary including a private Nile cruise, Jill's 3rd visit to Egypt. Detailed itinerary and pricing at https://jillreneefeeler.com/egypt2022/ Readings at  https://jillreneefeeler.com/book-now/ Books at https://jillreneefeeler.com/books/ With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill Accessible Enlightenment for the Real World
Dec 6 2021
49 mins
What if No One Ever Needed to Reincarnate, Even This One?What's HappeningDivergence & Perpetually Ascended Timelines
The notion that humanity, or at least "higher vibrational" beings, were coming closer and closer together in a synchronized energy frequency offers a narrow set of expectations of what source energy is.  It is in my view/our* view   suppressive and not in alignment with source creator energy patterns. (it agrees, is narrow and limiting in choices).  Convergence theory was an attempt by religious, spiritual and/or consciousness theorists (who often don't acknowledge their role as theorists) to explain how humanity would evolve, ascend and improve itself.  Convergence requires agreement, on what is "right", what is progressive and what is "the way" forward. Convergence does not account for a key tenet of source creator energy: curiosity. Curiosity is what led creator source (Creator of Origin) to create spacetime... a sphere of contained (but expansive and retractive) energy in which all of space and all of time resides.  What is beyond spacetime? What is beyond spacetime is the range of energy that resides beyond the structures of space (where, here, there, up, down) and beyond the structures of time (when, before, after).  That one can get be a mind bender if your human processing hasn't yet connected that wiring.  Watch for teachings whose ideas include making certain places ("there's") seem better/higher frequency/more evolved than (here) for their concept of evolution and ascension is very much an outward journey and experience. It naturally points the human further outside itself, which is fine for curiosity and exploring, but unhelpful and distracting if one is authentically interested in further realizing, living and connecting as their source energy/Creator of Origin frequency range.  Similarly watch for teachings that convey certain times, cycles and eras as purer than others. My own theories were in that limiting bubble until recently ~ the liberation has felt amazing and is evident in my work since ~2019 when I more clearly concluding that that too is suppressive, lacks reason, and hinders one's connection to their Creator of Origin layers, which are within, not dependent on time, nor one's vaccination status.  Ascension is an individual's rising up of one's source energy layers from within, to the surface of one's human awareness, consciousness and access. It is not on a clock, a cycle nor calendar. It is independent of one's: knowledge,  training,  amount of lifetimes,  outcome of lifetimes,  species, income/wealth, vaccination status, daily routines, political preferences, commitment to a certain faith/belief/theory demonstrated goodness nor readiness. All beings, of all forms of life are perpetually ascended. It need not re-ascend and it cannot descend. One cannot not be ascended. But you are operating at a range of self that is only within spacetime.  And spacetime allows one to feel and sense that this isn't true. Most and possibly all religion, spirituality and consciousness teachings are actually theoretical pursuits to rejoin one's sense of ascended nature... which can only be done individually and by "going" within, transcending one's spacetime layers which can be likened to the visible and invisible spectrum of light, part of which is beyond visible/beyond spacetime. Still there but doesn't seem to be. More on the nature of this reality is available, reach me if you'd like to know more. Most of our consciousness teachings are available via online courses.  Wishing everyone well in their exploring their consciousness and source creator energy  from within this often disorienting and regularly confusing  but still quite beautiful  realm of spacetime, on Earth, within the human bodysuit. Love,  Jill *the use of we instead me is considered at https://jillreneefeeler.com/whatismyteam/
Sep 25 2021
25 mins
An Updated View of High vs Low Vibe That Works So Much BetterAre you waiting to get a session until the perfect time?
I get it, some of us clean the house before a housecleaner comes to do their work. Similarly, I hear from individuals that they want to have everything straightened out and orderly in their life before they have a session. Are you waiting to have a session, until you don't need a session? I know that intuitive readings can be intimidating. "What will she see?" "What if I really am a bad person?" "What if I have a ton of stuff I need to work on?" "What if I am making huge mistakes in my life?" Oh the games some intuitives have done on their clients! Not here. With me you are safe and if your are anything like all my other clients, you will love the experience, find it incredibly insightful, reassuring and even game changing. I am not here to criticize you, or come up with some list of supposed soulful tasks you need to get done in this lifetime. That isn't my approach (because I think all of that is b.s.). I am here to help you get more connected to the soulful energies that you are, right now and always. And that makes life more interesting, more enjoyable. My work helps you discover the updated choices of who and what you can be in every moment of your life, including where life is harder, where relationships are prickly, and where you feel like you can't win. Ok? Check out the testimonials and see for yourself. I am not you standard reader. I disagree with most spiritual theories and am very clear about a very different way to be your soulful layers, your most amazing you, in this life, with access to it every day. Book your session Testimonials Looking for a healer, energy clearing, breakthrough assistance, health and wellness coaching, grief or even PTSD? I have heartfully chosen 4 incredibly talented beings (from whom I receive support!) that are also available via my site here With love, Jill Offering 21st century enlightenment, spiritual theorist and psychic intuitive Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.
Sep 10 2021
3 mins
Quicker Approaches to Soulfulness and Spiritual ConnectionJRF Podcast #240Jill's ShowCovid Vaccine ~ Room to Choose
Covid Vaccine | Room to Choose video at https://jillreneefeeler.com/covid-vaccine-room-to-choose/ I came across some ridiculous reasons for not getting the vaccine which is suppressing people's right to intelligently make their own choice about getting vaccinated or not. Want to offer another perspective in this short ~5 minute message in video and audio formats. The idea that getting the vaccine will cause you to somehow be susceptible to solar flares is ridiculous in my perception.  The idea that getting the vaccine will block your connection to God | Source energy shows a complete lack of understanding of what God | Source energy is.  Why listen to such nonsense?  Did such silly people also tell you that Donald Trump was some white hat here to end corruption and play a key, heroic role in bringing about the enlightenment age?  I can't keep track of such unreasonable theories and don't want to become a debunker. On this day, I felt led to share my piece, to debunk some covid vaccine conspiracies I came across from clients in private sessions today.  I offer my perspectives, hoping it helps you be, know and share the amazing divine energy you are, right now. Other leaders, teachers and spiritual gurus seem intent on suppressing your light, your sovereignty and self-actualization. They promote and even create divisiveness, chaos and fear.  This should bother you.  You may have become addicted to fear, pretending it is wisdom, knowledge and expanded consciousness.  It is keeping you from the divine layers of yourself, that are present now, and actually omnipresent. I don't want you to wait to live and be and share your light, love, wisdom and compassion. Because there will always be manipulation, risks, uncertainty, unconsciousness. I view it as we came here to be our ones, our light. But, what you believe, what you call true, creates your personal operating system for living. Choose carefully, with discernment, healthy skepticism, using your own brain for logic and reasoning. No one is closer to God than you. Even channelers. Think for yourself. Links to related resources including a reading of Trump, debunking Q Anon, my decision on the vaccine, more at https://jillreneefeeler.com/covid-vaccine-room-to-choose/ #conspiracy #q #solarflares #cmes #nwo #newworldorder #agenda21 #spirituality #enlightenment #thinking #agency #selfactualization #thinkforyourself #trump #whitehats #awakening #spiritualawakening
Aug 14 2021
4 mins
JRF Podcast #239The Next Steps To Creating A Personal, Soulful Connection System
The last video in my free 6-part video series is live, available for the early bird waitlist here.  I think it covers all the questions I have received. Some common ones were: ‘Will the Updating Humanity Workshop be suitable for beginners or only advanced enlightenment, spirituality or philosophy devotees?’‘Is it different from my other courses and workshop content?"‘How much is the workshop going to cost?’ I am sooooo excited to announce that registration for the online ‘Updating Humanity Workshop’ will open in the next few days.   So, if you’ve signed up for the early-bird waitlist you’re lucky because your chances of getting a spot are a lot higher.  Again I'll only be taking a limited number of participants and working with them side by side to masterfully access their light within.  If you’re not signed up to the early-access waitlist, you still have a little bit of time to sign up here. But on a more important note Here's how to make sure you get a spot…. Make sure you're on the early-bird waiting list hereOpen your inbox on Sunday, 30th of May at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/18:00 London Refresh your inbox until you receive the early-bird registration emailOpen the email, click on the link and secure your spot asap If you follow these exact instructions you should have no problems getting into the workshop. But really make sure you sign up on 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/18:00 London.  It might be a good idea to set up a reminder on your phone so you don't miss the early registration opening. I do expect a rush to the registration page on Sunday, so make sure you're one of the first to visit the signup page and lock in your spot.  Hopefully, you can make it into the workshop! With love, Jill
May 27 2021
7 mins
How Renee Liberated Herself From Co-Dependent Spiritual Methods
Message #5 in my free 6-part series.  I sense you are going to love it, it’s very touching, real and the ultimate test of my method!  Do you want to see exactly how we produce accessible enlightenment, even if life gets hard? Then you'll love this message.  I’ll show you what it looks like once you’re up and running with 21st century enlightenment. And the thing is….It’s a beautiful, inspiring, intellectually honest preview of what we have in store for you in the Updating Humanity Workshop. So, With that being said I am brimming with energy and super excited because this is going to be the best spiritual enlightenment teaching available. But I’m also a bit brimming over.  Because the truth is I can’t accept everyone. I’ll be giving dedicated support and attention to every single participant and therefore can only work with a limited number of people.So if you’re serious about your spiritual connection and actually living your light, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my next email. Because I'll be sharing some very important instructions on how you can secure your spot. Let’s do this!With love, JillP.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in my free 6-part video series, you can access them via the early bird waitlist at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup P.P.S On a side note I am utterly amazed at how many of you want to take it to the top with me. The early-access waitlist now has over 330 signed up. A big thank you to each and every one of you!Just a reminder that spots are on a first-come, first-served basis. At this rate, I won’t be able to accept everyone in the upcoming workshop because we prefer to work on an intimate basis. But with that being said, if you’re on the early access list, you'll have access first. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still jump on the early access waitlist here.
May 25 2021
15 mins
Detailed Steps for Consistent Spiritual Connection
The fourth message in my free 6-part series. 

You know that old saying? Good things take time?... 

Well, this has been over 10 years in the making. 

And I am so pleased with how easily I can now see, explain and guide you through this whole process.  

In this message, I reveal the exact steps you need to take to access your light within ~ truly accessible enlightenment ~ finally.

It’s time to say goodbye to questioning and doubting your spiritual connection, and your life’s meaning. 

And say hello to confidently living, being, offering the light you are, from your most expanded soulful layers  That are within, not outside. Up into the surface of your humanness. With grace, ease and purpose. 

You don’t want to miss this. 


 With love, Jill

 P.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in my free 6-part video series, you can watch a replay of the first three videos by signing up for the early bird waitlist at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup. 
P.P.S I cannot believe how many people have signed up already for the early-access waitlist. 

It’s amazing to see how many of you are ready to step things up!

I can feel how excited we are to finally create and live these new levels of conscious enlightenment, graduated from “spiritual school,” truly living our light from within these amazing human bodysuits, not needing to wait for anyone else to wake up.   

If you haven’t signed up yet, the good news is that it’s not too late... yet. But it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze. 

So sign up here if you haven’t done so at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup. 
 P.P.P.S I’ve got something really exciting set up for you in the next video, keep your eyes peeled. 

HINT (because I can’t help myself): my method in FULL action.
May 23 2021
7 mins
My Big Secret for Soulful Connection