"Turning Adversity into Advantage" - Gerry Valentine - Gerry Valentine

Real Entrepreneurial Stories with Levi Lawrence

Apr 14 2021 • 59 mins

Entrepreneur - Gerry Valentine

Current or Primary Business(s) - Gerry Valentine

Topics of Conversation

  • Writing a book and why - The thriving mindset and lessons from a life of overcoming disruption
  • Value Perspective - Solving client's problems instead of selling expertise, selling solutions.
  • Building a "Practise" vs. "Business"
  • Thriving is not only surviving  the disruption but coming out of the disruption better
  • Writing is not about perfect grammar or wording, it’s about  trading in the currency of ideas
  • "Interrogating your own ideas" by writing
  • Surround ourselves with people who can lift us up and who we WANT to return the favour for.
  • As an entrepreneur, you make daily mistakes Every Day.
  • New knowledge/technology is a disruptive force and we can't go back.
  • Goal Setting Question - If successful, What will you have that you do not have now
  • Good writing is writing what other people want to read
  • There is a shortage of people who are able to thrive through disruptive times
  • Selecting a Coach

Books and recommendations

The Thriving mindset -Gerry Valentine