"Everyone Needs A Sign" - Ben Parsons - KKP and SignCraft

Real Entrepreneurial Stories with Levi Lawrence

Feb 25 2021 • 54 mins

Entrepreneur - Ben Parsons

Current or Primary Business(s) - KKP , SignCraft

Topics of Conversation

  • Buying vs. Building businesses (both businesses acquired)
  • Merging company cultures
  • Financial background helps you take better risk
  • Value aligned, complementary skills = business partner success
  • Working with creatives - trust and limiting ego
  • trusting the team, but staying in the mix
  • Mail and print are new disrupters in a digital age
  • Early financing - if you wouldn't borrow from grandma consider reexamining
  • Buying a business without enough equity... because few do
  • 24 hour rule - take time to react

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