"Swimming with the Big Fish!" - Angélique Binet - Social Media Love Lab

Real Entrepreneurial Stories with Levi Lawrence

Mar 22 2021 • 1 hr

Entrepreneur: - Angélique Binet

Current or Primary Business(s):Social Media Love Lab

Topics of Conversation

  • Beware the "Buffet" of service offerings and lack of focus
  • Working on self-perceptions to improve in your business, self-confidence & pricing - Know your own value
  • We all have fear, it’s an auto protection
  • "Unselling" your clients, filtering and offering an out to curate the best fit
  • Make your mission greater than you fear
  • 3 prong marketing approach - Social, Speaking and "playing" with those further ahead
  • Your business grows as much as you grow
  • Swim with big fish - those who are 1 -2 levels above where you are
  • "Don’t believe everything you think"
  • Money is not for the rich, it’s everywhere
  • As you grow you share what you learn - Share your journey