History of NAEP, Maryland Farm Policy, and Finding a Good Map with Gary Kelman

Environmental Professionals Radio (EPR)

Jul 30 2021 • 44 mins

Welcome back to Environmental Professionals Radio, Connecting the Environmental Professionals Community Through Conversation, with your hosts Laura Thorne and Nic Frederick!

On today’s episode, we talk with Gary Kelman, Independent Consultant & NAEP Board Member representing the Mid-Atlantic Regional Environmental Professionals about the history of NAEP, Maryland Farm Policy, and Finding a Good Map.   Read his full bio below.

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1:31 Shout outs

3:08 Nic and Laura discuss agricultural BMPs

8:06 Interview with Gary Kelman starts

8:56 Gary Kelman talks about the history of NAEP

21:45 Gary Kelman discusses Maryland farm policy

28:02 Field Notes segment- The Bethesda trash incident

33:48 Gary Kelman shares his insights on collecting and finding a good map

44:12 Outro

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Connect with Gary Kelman at https://linkedin.com/in/gary-kelman-ms-cep-m-asce-6431063

Guest Bio:

Gary Kelman’s professional career began in 1977.  It includes heading the CAFO Program, Office of Permitting and Customer Services, the Maryland Pretreatment Program, and developing industrial and municipal discharge permits during a 40-year career at the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).  Prior to MDE, Gary was an environmental consultant.  He was MDE’s Employee of the Year in 2010, was named a Fellow NAEP in 2010, and received the Richard J. Kramer Memorial Award for Environmental Excellence from ABCEP in 2015.  He was named a Life Member of ASCE in 2018.  Gary received a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in Life Sciences from Philadelphia University.  He was credentialed as a Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) in 2005.  Gary Kelman is currently enjoying being an independent consultant.

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