Running a Small Business, Challenging Projects, and Transportation with Caryn Brookman

Environmental Professionals Radio (EPR)

Oct 15 2021 • 41 mins

Welcome back to Environmental Professionals Radio, Connecting the Environmental Professionals Community Through Conversation, with your hosts Laura Thorne and Nic Frederick!

On today’s episode, we talk with Caryn Brookman, Principal at Blackwater Environmental Group, LLC about Running a Small Business, Challenging Projects, transportation projects, and the Grateful Dead.   Read her full bio below.

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A certified Minority and Disadvantaged Business, Blackwater Environmental Group has over 20 years of experience working with private sector firms and governmental agencies—especially in the transportation industry—managing environmental programs, interpreting environmental policy, and developing unique solutions to project coordination and environmental documentation tasks.  In addition to our project management and NEPA capabilities, our professional staff of planners are committed to utilizing asset management tools, performance measurements, and reporting methods to help our clients assess and adapt to changing climate and extreme weather conditions that impact transportation needs. With everything we do, Blackwater strives to remember the original intent of national environmental policy—environmental protection, conservation, and enhancement—and seeks innovative ways to streamline the ever-changing regulatory process.

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2:15  Nic & Laura's discuss providing feedback to supervisors
12:52  Interview with Caryn Brookman starts
15:47  Caryn talks about running a small business
25:13  Caryn discusses managing challenging projects
33:29  Caryn talks about her secret love for the Grateful Dead

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Connect with Caryn  at https://www.linkedin.com/in/caryn-j-g-brookman-39401812/

Guest Bio:
Caryn J. G. Brookman is Principal of Blackwater Environmental Group, LLC. Ms. Brookman has over 20 years of experience working with governmental agencies interpreting
policy and developing unique solutions to daunting project coordination and environmental documentation tasks. Prior to starting Blackwater, she worked for the Federal Highway Administration and the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) and, therefore, brings a distinct and balanced perspective to the table. Recently her experience has expanded to advising clients on environmental matters related to alternative project delivery methods such as Public-Private Partnerships (P3). Ms. Brookman is currently leading a major environmental study under MDOT SHA’s I-495 & I-270 P3 Program Office which is considered the largest P3 highway imitative in North America at an estimated $9-11 Billion. The NEPA study is one of the first major infrastructure projects under Executive Order 13807-One Federal Decision and is currently on an accelerated schedule.

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