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Eating and Emotions with Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes
Apr 10 2024
Eating and Emotions with Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes
The DoctorXDietitian collab dive deep into the world of bariatric surgery therapy with esteemed therapist and successful post-op gastric bypass patient, Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes. Ashlyn brings a wealth of professional expertise, creative perspective and personal experience to the discussion.Join Dr. Dovec and Hannah, RD as they explore Ashlyn's unique therapeutic orientation, characterized by empathy and acceptance. Discover how Ashlyn's collaborative approach fosters self-empowerment and facilitates transformative change in individuals undergoing bariatric surgery. She’ll share tangible ways you can live for yourself from a place of authenticity.Through active listening and a deep understanding of her clients' needs, Ashlyn shares invaluable insights into the psychological aspects of bariatric surgery. From pre-surgery preparation to post-operative support, listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role emotional wellness plays in optimizing success. FOLLOWAshlyn Douglass-Barnes: @ashlynchange4life2012Advance Bariatric Counseling: @advancebariatriccounseling Bariatric Therapist Directory: @FindaBariatricTherapistTherapist Business Coaching: @BariatricTherapyBusinessCoachLearn more at Ashlyn & her services: DoctorXDietitian: @DoctorXDietitian BodyByBariatrics: @BodyByBariatrics Dr. Dovec: @DrDovecHannah, RD: @HannahSchuyler.RD Take a screenshot of this episode and tag us on Instagram, so we can keep the conversation going and create more of the episodes you need! RESOURCES + LINKSCheck out our DoctorXDietitian page: Visit the BodyByBariatrics website: your weight loss journey: B our BodyByBariatrics Blog: the BodyByBariatrics Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery Private Facebook Support Group: