HiddenTrack #115 SEAHOLM (Pat, Kris, & Austin)


Oct 6 2022 • 1 hr 27 mins

This week we welcome Kris, Pat, and Austin from the charismatic band SEAHOLM. When it comes to great new music with a message, SEAHOLM hits on all cylinders. This episode has it all, from tales with outstanding visions to impressions of Joe Swanson. The cast of characters that make SEAHOLM what it is can be heard throughout the show and seen throughout their music videos they share with the world. Not sure how much more fun we could have had with the time we were allotted but we made good use of it. Do yourself a favor and put SEAHOLM in your rotation now. Please join Pat,Austin, Kris and I as we discuss what it's like to be “Twenty Three” drinking “Shirley Temples” and “Cough Syrup.”

SEAHOLM - "It's Raining Outside" OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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