100: Pitch Deck Storytelling for Hardware Funding

Product Startup

Nov 3 2021 • 32 mins

Donna Griffit helps write pitches for hardware startups and small manufacturing companies to raise millions of dollars in funding. Before working with small product businesses, she used to do corporate pitch investment decks for Samsung, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Visa, and more. She has raised over $300 million for hardware companies alone. Today Donna is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers should think about how to write a perfect investor pitch through storytelling, and what specific story model to use to land the big bucks.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • There’s simply a lot of funding activity right now.
  • The importance of telling a story.
  • The formula for a great story.
  • Relevance is key, why should an investor invest today as opposed to later.
  • Find how you fit in three trends: Social, regulatory, and big things happening in or around your space.
  • Bring undeniable value to the potential investors.
  • Stories have both resonance and a structure, both are key.
  • Use your personal story as part of the story.
  • The framework: The pain/need/opportunity, then the hero, then the business potential, then the vision for the future.


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