Transitions & Designing Your Next Chapter with Patricia Cosulich (#9)

Everyday Innovation

Oct 25 2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

I recently hosted Patricia Cosulich for an in-depth conversation about transitions, their role in facilitating innovation, and how life design can help us navigate the liminal space as we write our next chapter.Patricia shares more about her own transition-- from blending advocacy and playwriting to podcasting and life coaching-- and how her values and process have connected a throughline through her multipassionate pursuits.Learn more about Patricia's ventures in this episode and at the links listed below, and make sure to check out my recent episode about my pregnancy journey on her podcast The Transitions Project!About PatriciaPatricia Cosulich (@patricia.cosulich) is a Southern California-based life coach, podcaster, playwright, and social innovator. After experiencing many unexpected changes and challenges in her life, she decided to embrace adaptability. She is passionate about helping others pivot and find alignment through the transformational process. She does this through her podcast, The Transitions Project, as well as her group coaching program, Your Next Chapter. We also discussThe Great Imitator, a documentary theatre piece she wrote in order to advocate for the Lyme disease community. You can learn more about her work at www.patriciacosulich.comIG: @patricia.cosulichThe Transitions Project on Spotify: --- Support this podcast: