Caregiver Lifehacks: SCLC Edition

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This series follows the stories of 3 Small Cell Lung Cancer patients and their caregivers. They share the details of their diagnoses, and how they navigated and continue to navigate their cancer journey. Through it all they have learned valuable lessons and have advocated for education and funding for research. They have raised their voices for change and found hope again. Follow these honest stories in this two-part series.

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There is Hope!
Nov 9 2023
There is Hope!
“Get your affairs in order” was the advice from one ER doctor to Rayanne Lehman upon seeing her chest X-Ray. That was 4 years ago. When Maida Mangiameli received her Small Cell Lung Cancer diagnosis she wanted to live to know her newborn grandchild and that child is now 6 years old. And for patient Montessa Lee, her Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) diagnosis 16 years ago has led her to a lifetime of advocacy work for lung cancer research, funding and education along with a commitment to being a voice for the voiceless.These lung cancer success stories are not only hopeful but through their journeys, these three patients and their caregivers have gathered a wealth of information and insight to share with others.SHOW NOTES: For more information and the latest information for lung cancer screening go to lcfamerica.orgFor more information about services provided by different - this ministry sends cards to people who are sick, grieving or need -- this ministry writes letters to individuals who are incarcerated -- Healing, Transition and Bereavement (HTB) ministers to these groups through care sessions, seminars, and various types of -- support for those dealing with cancer and their love -- anyone dealing with any type of emotional, mental crisis can get referrals to certified counselors/counseling centers, hotlines, etc.Montessa Lee’s book, "He Whispered Life"Support groups: Livelung.orgSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at