Lady Palmer and the Tramp - Part 3 of 3

Barmy Dale - Britain's best loved podcast sitcom!

Oct 6 2023 • 12 mins

When Dan and Sharon spot Mayoress Palmer eating spaghetti with Keith in the local Italian restaurant, they struggle to come to terms with the possibility that rumours of wife swapping in Barmy Dale might be true.


Vicki Michelle as Angie Edwards

Jeffrey Holland as Reverend Willkins

Juliet Howland as Gracie Meadows

Brian Murphy as Lord Palmer

Linda Regan as Mayoress Palmer

Camilla Simson as Sharon Parker

Will Chitty as Branston

Nicholas Lumley as Willy

Martin Skellern as Keith Meadows

Stuart Wheeldon as Dan Parker

Abbey Norman as Sandra

Morris Bright as Luigi

Written, Directed and Edited by Martin Skellern

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