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170: Searching For Freedom In Mexico – Marc Clair
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is my very good friend Marc Clair, the co-founder, host and producer of the ‘Lions of Liberty’ podcast. Over the last eight years, Lions of Liberty has become a leading platform for libertarian voices in the alternative media.  I have had the pleasure of joining him on his podcast multiple times and have even been able to assist him in his own expat journey overseas. On today's podcast, Marc and I discuss his expat journey leaving Los Angeles where he had lived for more than a decade to now living in Mexico City. We discuss the struggles and craziness of dealing with the Mexican government to get residency and in the USA to get a green card for his wife and stepson.   What a journey Marc has had these past few years, here are some of the things we talk about…  First off, what is a libertarian? What does it mean to be a libertarian? Do we all think the same, do we have the same ideas…do we wave around a libertarian flag? How neither Marc nor I became overnight libertarians. It became our ideals, our way of life and what brought us to this point in our lives. I think you will love this conversation. Expat living is a vehicle towards freedom and liberty. Are you leaning towards leaving your home country? Wondering what all the hype is about. Marc and I discuss the real struggles of leaving your home and all the things you take for granted.  We talk about the little things that drive us crazy about living in Panama and Mexico and the old adage of 'mañana'. If you’re American or Canadian, you’ll feel our pain.  Marc talks about the nightmare of dealing with immigration in the USA and the time it has taken to complete the paperwork. And in the end, has it been worth it? All these extra steps, and time spent…has it been worth it? Being an expat, leaving your family behind? Going for a green card? Immigration? I talk a lot about being a libertarian and a lot of my guests are libertarians. If you are interested in the philosophy and really resonate with what we talk about, then this episode will speak to you.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/alex-bales (165: Digital Nomad Life In The Middle East, Balkans, and the Caucasus During The Pandemic – Alex Bales ) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/chase-warrington (157: Working Remote From Spain - Chase Warrington ) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/linda-mueller/ (151: Helping Spouses Cope With Expat Life – Linda Mueller)   BEST WAY TO REACH MARC CLAIR What a giant Marc has been in the liberty podcasting world. His numbers really do speak for themselves.  http://lionsofliberty.com (LionsOfLiberty.com) Non-political realm - comic book nerds visit Marc at http://secondprintcomics.com (SecondPrintComics.com)   CONCLUSION: I have been waiting for 3 years to have Marc on my show. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on the Lions of Liberty Podcast a few times now, so it was fun to get to chat with him about his expat journey.  Here are some of my episodes on the Lions of Liberty podcast: https://www.lionsofliberty.com/episodes/unplug-your-kids-from-the-matrix?rq=Mikkel%20Thorup (Unplug Your Kids from the Matrix)  https://www.lionsofliberty.com/archives/2019/06/17/can-you-achieve-liberty-by-becoming-an-expat-mikkel-thorup-on-expat-secrets?rq=Mikkel%20Thorup (Can You Achieve Liberty by Becoming an Expat?) https://www.lionsofliberty.com/archives/2019/12/30/life-and-liberty-as-an-expat-a-roundtable-w-mikkel-thorup-james-guzman-and-mike-michelini?rq=Mikkel%20Thorup (Life and Liberty as an Expat)   Support this podcast
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169: Best Foreign Language Learning Techniques, Strategies, And Methods For Shortcutting Your Language Learning Journey
Today on the Expat Money Show we have put together some amazing clips from the last 12 months on the best of language learning.  These were really in-depth interviews that I know you will love to listen to again. We are going to tell a language learning story for the expat. Enjoy!   HERE IS A SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT WE DISCUSSED ABOUT LANGUAGE LEARNING… Are you thinking that it’s impossible to learn a new language, that you don’t have what it takes? Anthony Metivier was able to learn German fluently in 1 year. Listen to his strategies and tools and how he accomplished this task to be able to do a presentation in German at the University. Sarah Tarvin details how she first developed a passion for language learning and how you can too! Do you want to travel and see the world, but you’re afraid that not speaking the language will affect your experience. Chase Warrington and I discuss the importance of learning the local language. It’s amazing how people get started in their expat journeys and their language learning journeys. John Fotheringham explains how he first got interested in studying and teaching English in Japan. Are you thinking that your brain could really use some help? Anthony Metivier discusses the benefits of learning a language on the brain and preventing Alzheimer's. Did you know that all of the myths you’ve heard about language learning are false? None of them are true, it’s all about mindset. Sarah Tarvin and I discuss various mindsets and philosophies regarding language learning. John Fotheringham describes some of his philosophies behind the concept of learning a language and how they can benefit you on your journey. Listen in as I talk with Anthony Metivier to find out what is the science behind building memories? Do you actually rewire your brain? How does that work? And the different types of memories, what are they? Sarah Tarvin’s daughter is multilingual. And she’s just a toddler. We discuss the techniques she uses to teach language to her child so that she will be multilingual. Do you love to watch videos? Kevin Koskella and I discuss learning a language through consuming content and learning in that language. Have you heard of the ‘Memory Palace’ and wondered what the heck it is? Anthony Metivier explains exactly what the concept of the Memory Palace is and how you can use it to learn any foreign language of your choice. John Fotheringham and I discuss a secret Japanese language memorization method. Kris Broholm and I discuss various topics around learning languages including learning via video games. You will love this! Anthony Metivier digs deeper into the Memory Palace technique and how to scale this idea, and why being strategic is so important.  John Fotheringham and I discuss the concept of grammar and its application with memory. How this fits in with learning a new language and when you should be learning grammar. Are you thinking that children learn languages differently than adults? Well, John Fotheringham and I discuss what methods you can use that work with your children so they can learn quickly and to make sure they have fun! Can learning a new language bring you joy? I ask Kris Broholm. We talk about the fun we have from learning languages, and how as a polyglot what you take out of the language. Imagine you’re living in a country where you don’t speak the language and you’re a single guy…Kevin Koskella discusses meeting a woman and not knowing Portuguese, his story is hilarious! I asked Kris Broholm what the most difficult language for him to learn was? As a polyglot, you wouldn’t think he would have any problems, but one, in particular, was really hard for him. I bet you can’t guess what language he’s talking about.     Listen To The Full Episodes  https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/anthony-metivier/ (114: How To Memorize A Foreign Language – Dr. Anthony Metivier)... Support this podcast
Jan 5 2022
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168: Digital Nomad Mindset, Tips And Challenges
Today on the Expat Money Show we’ve put together a compilation of the best episodes from 2021 on strategies, insights, and best mindset tips for digital nomads to start 2022 with a bang! I gotta tell ya, this is not all a pretty picture, we’re getting into all of the nitty-gritty and leave nothing out, so enjoy the show!   HERE IS A SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT WE DISCUSSED… Have you ever wondered where people get the ‘spark’ from, to travel the world? Are they born that way or do they learn how to become a world traveller? I talked with Chase Warrington about this exact question! Wow…imagine never failing and what you could accomplish. Juliana Rabbi nails this one! You want to travel, you have a business, but how the heck are you going to get the job done. Kari DePhillips and I talk about tips that really make this lifestyle so much easier. Have you met people that seem overwhelmed and tired all the time? Maybe it’s you? Nimrod Dean Kuchel really hammers home why it’s so important to pay for advice and what ultimately happens when you don’t. Do you always try to do all of the work yourself? Kari DePhillips and I give some practical tips on offloading certain tasks to free up more time for yourself to be more efficient. Are you a workaholic? You’ll love this clip as Nimrod Dean Kuchel and I discuss the value of taking time off from the business, resulting in greater insights and productivity, which will actually take you to the next level. (I really related to this one!!) Do you get distracted easily? Juliana Rabbi explains how she deals with the challenge of distractions in a remote work environment. Chase Warrington and I discuss the challenges that could lie ahead for you and your company and how you can combat the reality of working abroad. Are you worried about saying ‘goodbye’ to your friends? It’s never easy! Juliana Rabbi and I discuss the challenges associated with this.  Chase Warrington discusses his own struggles adapting to much of the digital nomad lifestyle and the adjustments he had to make to thrive while travelling.   Listen To The Full Episodes  https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/chase-warrington (157: Working Remote From Spain - Chase Warrington) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/juliana-rabbi/ (142: How To Land Your Dream Remote Job Faster - Juliana Rabbi ) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/kari-dephillips/ (132: The Future Of Remote Work And Digital Nomadism – Kari DePhillips) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/nimrod-dean-kuchel/ (138: Digital Nomad Life In Asia – Nimrod Dean Kuchel)   Conclusion I can’t believe 2021 has come to an end and 2022 is only a few days from now. I hope you enjoy the highlights from these amazing episodes.  As always, I love my guests, they bring their best to our show and I can’t imagine anything better.  If you happen to be listening to this episode in years to come, you’ll find the content to be evergreen, always applicable. Enjoy the strategies, tips and tricks. Happy New Year!   Support this podcast
Dec 29 2021
51 mins
167: Why Go Remote And How To Get Started
Today on the Expat Money Show we’re going to do something a little different. We have gone back through 2021 and we have picked out some of the best clips of the year on ‘Why Go Remote And How To Get Started’. We had some amazing guests this year so we mashed them all together to tell a story. I know you’ll really enjoy this episode.   HERE IS A SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT WE DISCUSSED... Mikkel and Nimrod Dean Kuchel discuss how COVID showed everyone that remote work is possible, and how to get over limiting beliefs on becoming a digital nomad, and how easy it is to get started. Marissa Meddin details the 4 ways you can become a digital nomad. Listen in to hear what opportunities that people have when leaving the 9-5 job. Kari DePhillips and I discuss the conscious decisions you need to make, and the steps to go remote today, instead of putting it off. Do you believe that you need to reinvent yourself when you start out as a digital nomad or to work remote? Nimrod Dean Kuchel tells us why you need to shift your belief pattern. Julianna Rabbi discusses why it was so important that you spend time with people that understood you and your passion to travel. Marissa Meddin explains how she has helped others to overcome fears of life abroad with baby steps and how she can help you. I talk to Nimrod Dean Kuchel about having the "courage" to be a digital nomad, and how it takes courage to live the "normal" life. Marissa Meddin and I discuss strategies for negotiating remote work with employers, you’ll love these ideas! Kari DePhillips discusses the "sunk cost fallacy" that holds many people back and how to take actionable steps towards becoming a digital nomad. Marissa Meddin and I discuss how to overcome barriers with getting employers to agree to remote work.   Listen To The Full Episodes https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/kari-dephillips/ (132: The Future Of Remote Work And Digital Nomadism – Kari DePhillips ) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/nimrod-dean-kuchel/ (138: Digital Nomad Life In Asia – Nimrod Dean Kuchel ) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/juliana-rabbi/ (142: How To Land Your Dream Remote Job Faster - Juliana Rabbi ) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/marisa-meddin/ (149: How To Work Online So You Can Live On The Beach – Marisa Meddin - )   CONCLUSION What a year we have had. I always have a great time chatting with my guests, and this episode brings together 4 amazing episodes that have something in common, being a digital nomad, and working remotely. So if these topics speak to you, don’t miss this episode.  I hope you enjoy our Best of 2021 Special episode and have a great Christmas! Support this podcast
Dec 22 2021
46 mins
166: Combining FIRE Lifestyle With Digital Nomadism – Nick Donnelly
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Nick Donnelly, a web developer working on a Solana NFT crypto startup. He has been a digital nomad for 20 years since a very random trip to China in 2001 and his first backpacking trip to Berlin and Prague shortly after. He is currently in Bansko, Bulgaria – Europe’s digital nomad hub, and maintains a flat in Prague where he is based much of the year. He has lived in Saigon and London and travels (while working) several months a year and has spent many years slow-travelling, visiting 73 countries so far.   HERE IS A SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT WE DISCUSSED... It’s maybe not for everyone, but slow travel compared to fast travel, what’s best for you? Make sure you truly understand what makes you happy! 3 keys that people just don’t understand about having a happy life. Can this possibly be your life? Have you ever considered ‘how do you become a world traveller?’ This episode helps to break down some really great aspects that you probably have never thought about.  Are you currently living a life trying to keep up with the Joneses? Do you have 2 luxury cars and a big old house? If you looked back on your life, is that what makes you happy? If not, listen in to hear Nick discuss strategies to get yourself out of that rut.  Nick & I talk about some awesome countries that really help to develop their digital nomad communities. Wondering where they are? Could you spend several months a year in any of these amazing countries? And the question that comes up often, the language of the locals. Can you get by with English? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answer. A big discussion on living in a former Communist country, have things changed? What does Communism do to the spirit of the people? What life is like in some of the countries around the globe, governments being absolutely abusive…most won’t surprise you. What the heck is FIRE? And why is it possibly the most important thing to understand for your retirement! Is FIRE for you? Listen in as Nick talks about how it can work for you!   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/marco-wutzer/ (137: Blockchain And The Future Of The Internet – Marco Wutzer) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/andrew-holliday (152: Dealing With Debt As An Expat – Andrew Holliday) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/swen-lorenz/ (158: Investing In Russia For Massive Profits – Swen Lorenz)   HOW TO REACH NICK DONNELLY https://digitalnomadonfire.com/ (Digital Nomads On Fire)   CONCLUSION: I learned a lot of things myself in this episode talking with Nick. He made me rethink some of my preconceived notions about what FIRE is and how it can affect your life, not only now but for the rest of your life.  No matter where you are in life, whether you are just starting out or have hit the mid-way point in your life, it’s never too late to learn what FIRE is and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.   Support this podcast
Dec 15 2021
56 mins
165: Digital Nomad Life In The Middle East, Balkans, and the Caucasus During The Pandemic – Alex Bales
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Alex Bales, a freelance digital marketer who made the transition to digital nomad life on January 1, 2020. Well, we all know what happened next. Despite the COVID pandemic and resulting lockdowns, he has lived the greater part of two years out of a suitcase, off the beaten path and traversing the Middle East, Balkans, and the Caucasus, visiting 80+ cities and 16 countries (17 if you count the unrecognized breakaway state of Transnistria).   Here is a sneak peek of what we discussed... Do you find yourself disillusioned with your home country? Maybe the USA or Canada? Alex talks about his stay in Iran and the eye-opening experience he had there. Do you think you know and understand the world from your geography and history classes in high school? Ya, me too...except what we were taught way back then is not reality as Mikkel and Alex tell us. Maybe you haven’t been able to travel as of yet, after Covid hit the world, everyone just stopped vacationing. Alex didn’t! Listen in as he talks as a new traveller, having little to no experience and where he went and what he saw...you will be amazed! Imagine as a young adult, going to your family and telling them you’re going to Iran on vacation...can you imagine what your parents are going to say! Listen in to some words of advice! Mikkel and Alex talk about the forbidden land of Saudi Arabia. What it’s like? Why would you want to go there?, what all the fascination about the country is...and why it is #1 on Mikkel’s bucket list! Listen in to hear Mikkel talk about which countries are on the top of his bucket list, other than Saudi Arabia. Maybe one of them is on your list too! Imagine yourself, arriving in Tbilisi, Georgia...just as the pandemic was starting in March 2020. What was life like arriving in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language, with English not widely spoken, jumping into uncertain waters, and the fear of Covid being almost unspeakable!  Have you ever wondered how safe using a mask being outside is, or inside for that matter? Alex has this horrible accident that he tells us about, not speaking the language and having to rely on Google translate...one more reason to dislike the use of masks! If you’ve wondered what country had the most locked-down mandates in The Balkans and what countries were the freest, you’ll really enjoy this episode.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/mikkel-thorup-interviewed-on-nomad-podcast/ (160: Mikkel Thorup - Expat Life Secrets Across The Globe) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/kari-dephillips/ (132: The Future Of Remote Work And Digital Nomadism – Kari DePhillips) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/travelling-to-brazil-during-the-pandemic/ (131: Travelling To Brazil During The Pandemic – Mikkel Thorup)   HOW TO REACH ALEX BALES https://empowerumarketing.com/ (EmpowerUMarketing)   CONCLUSION: I’m so happy to hear about Alex and his travels over the past 2 years. He has travelled to a bunch of countries that are on the top of my travel list I want to go to. Saudi, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and more. I’m going to have to start planning for 2022!! This was a fun episode with Alex, I know you’ll really enjoy it too!   Support this podcast
Dec 8 2021
57 mins
164: Medical Tourism in Colombia
Today on the Expat Money Show we’re going to do something a little different. Recently I had the pleasure of travelling to Medellin, Colombia with my family and we met up with my friend Jason and his wife Sophie and recorded a YouTube video about medical tourism, specifically medical tourism in Medellin. Jason's company is awesome. They really do a fantastic job of helping Americans and Canadians, but also Europeans and really, people from anywhere in the world who come to Colombia to get medical tourism done. I loved the video so much that I thought we would turn it into a podcast episode because there is just so much information to be heard.   Here is a sneak peek of what we discussed... Are you wondering what medical tourism is? What does it entail? Sounds interesting but what’s in it for me? Jason shares with us the most important issues of not staying in North America and waiting for an important procedure to happen, or not happen! But Jason, what about the medical facilities? The Doctors? Are they trained properly and are they as trustworthy as the Doctors we have in Canada or the States? You may be wondering about the cost, don’t I have to be rich and famous to have medical procedures done while on vacation? Don’t be caught waiting and waiting for a procedure in Canada when you can hop on a direct flight to Colombia. You will be surprised at how quickly it can be done! Mikkel and Jason discuss the numerous procedures that are done in Medellin and the response time of the surgeons. It will blow your mind! Have you heard a lot of people talking about Stem cells? What is this and if I came to Colombia can you do this type of procedure? Okay, but I don’t speak Spanish and Colombia is a Spanish-speaking country...what do I do? If you are in need of a medical procedure, whether it’s for your health or to fix something you’re not happy with, listen to this episode. You will be amazed and thrilled!   https://youtu.be/pG09sdarMpg   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/siim-land/ (146: Biohacking Immune Support For Busy Travellers – Siim Land) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/marco-wutzer/ (137: Blockchain And The Future Of The Internet – Marco Wutzer) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/sergio-von-facchin/ (135: Living A Perpetual Traveller Lifestyle – Sergio Von Facchin)   HOW TO REACH  Jason@expatmoney.io   CONCLUSION: What a beautiful country Colombia is, especially Medellin. The food, the culture, the people, all amazing. We were there for 3 weeks and I can see us visiting every year to go shopping and to catch up with the friends we have who live there full time. Honestly, if you’ve thought about improving your smile, or need a tummy tuck, or have a health issue that can’t be resolved quick enough for you in your home country, listen to this conversation I have with Jason, it can solve a lot of problems for you. Enjoy!   Support this podcast
Dec 1 2021
24 mins
163: Expat International School
Today on the Expat Money Show, Michael Strong and I talk about the work we are doing at the Expat International School. This episode is for all parents that have school-aged children (or grandchildren), or anyone with an interest in alternative education.   Here is a sneak peek of what we discussed... Who is Michael Strong and why should I listen to him? What is his background? Does he actually know what he is doing? If you’re thinking about how poorly your kids are doing in the traditional government-run schools, and you have no idea what to do. Listen in as Michael and I discuss the biggest differences between https://expatschool.io/ (ExpatSchool.io) and government-run schools. Have you been brainwashed over your lifetime and believe that the only way to educate your child properly is by sending them to government-run facilities? You’ll learn the real truth here. What are some of the big reasons Expat International School can be an excellent fit for you and your children? Find out what the #1 question all expats have when living overseas. This may surprise you. Michael discusses real-life problems with International Schools worldwide, you may have found these out for yourself, but what can you possibly do to change them? Listen to this amazing walk-through of what you can expect from Expat International School in the day of a child, no matter the age or skill level, and you can really get excited about what your child will be able to do in the future. Imagine a school that the first rule is, 'do what’s right for your child.' I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an amazing educator, this is possibly the best thing that you can do for your family.   https://youtu.be/9qyivEeOzkA You can listen to the episode in https://theexpatmoneyshow.captivate.fm/listen (your favourite podcasting application) or watch the replay on our new YouTube channel.   How To Reach Us: https://expatschool.io (ExpatSchool.io) https://expatschool.io/schedule-a-call (ExpatSchool.io/schedule-a-call)   PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/michael-strong/ (115: The Solution To Educating Your Children Abroad – Michael Strong)   CONCLUSION: This was a really great presentation that Michael Strong and I put on while I was in Colombia earlier in November. If you haven’t heard Michael and I speak about the school we’ve created together, then you will love this episode of the podcast. We’ve taken this presentation and turned it into a podcast episode because it is just that good. If you have school-aged children between the ages of 8 - 19, then this information will be invaluable to you. Please take the time to listen and take lots of notes, then when you're ready, call us to make an appointment for you and your child. This may be the most important call you ever make on behalf of your child.     Support this podcast
Nov 24 2021
1 hr 23 mins
162: How Privacy Can Protect You If They Come For You – Gabriel Custodiet
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Gabriel Custodiet, a privacy consultant and privacy advocate. He is the author of The Watchman Guide to Privacy, a holistic overview of how and why to be private. He also hosts The Watchman Privacy Podcast, which explores timely events and practical tips regarding privacy, but also radical and rarely discussed ideas, from torrenting and living on the ocean to understanding how rental culture and psychopaths threaten humanity.    HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: The differences between a good email server (which you’re likely not using) and a crappy email server (which you are probably using) and how to use a funnel to your real email address. Need advice about Facebook for privacy reasons?  Gabriel knocks it out of the park with concepts that will keep you on FB but keep your privacy under control! Just wrap your head around this ~ There are 6 trillion dollars of cybercrime every year. If you don’t want to be a part of that, this episode could be the most important thing you do this year! Learn how can you use technology and not get sucked into it and not give away too much of your data! Have you been in an airport lately? Did you know that the government can hijack your phone and there’s nothing you can do about it! Gabriel walks us through a simple process to guarantee that you are totally protected if this happens to you without your consent. Wondering if you have the right tools in the toolbox for different applications and different needs…Gabriel lets you in on his biggest secrets! How about privacy coins like Monero? Are they worthwhile… are they another tool in the tool chest for freedom and privacy? Or should you stay clear of them? How do you get cryptocurrency without giving up your freedom? Step-by-step instructions on what you can do to maximize your life when it comes to living a secure life. Let’s talk about the physical side of privacy and freedom. Tips in that arena to have more freedom in your life. Tried and true methods. The best 5 things out of the 100 discussed that are fast action things that can make a real difference in your life today.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/marco-wutzer/ (137: Blockchain And The Future Of The Internet – Marco Wutzer) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/gary-collins/ (126: How To Disappear Off The Grid – Gary Collins)   HOW TO REACH GABRIEL CUSTODIET https://amzn.to/3nmyBKv (Watchman Guide to Privacy) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-watchman-privacy-podcast/id1565412491 (Watchman privacy podcast )   QUOTES OF THE DAY ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ Dark Knight Rises: nobody knew me until I put on the mask   CONCLUSION: Over the past several years I have really spent a lot of time understanding and implementing changes in my business and in my life when it comes to privacy and freedom. If you are new to this or even a well-seasoned privacy geek, you will get a ton of information from this episode.  Gabriel has been living a privacy lifestyle for many years and figuring things out from research and sheer experimentation. An omnivorous reader and student of global systems, cybersecurity, self-defence, and the philosophy that underpins it all, Gabriel strives to show people the value and techniques of privacy, yes, but more importantly the value of what it is protecting.   Support this podcast
Nov 17 2021
1 hr 31 mins
161: How To Immigrate To Germany – Erez Agam
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Erez Agam, author of Berlin’s Immigration Secrets. If you dream about greener pastures overseas but find the immigration procedure to be a daunting one, this book will provide you with the guidance needed to successfully achieve your goals. It is a complete guide to the immigration process in Germany based on his own experiences, including several little-known facts and insights, all in the form of a memoir.   HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: 7 top secrets why people are migrating to Germany, you will be surprised at #4. Exactly how to immigrate to Germany and how to maneuver the language issues. Best tips for finding a job in your field before you land in Germany. Learn why Germany is the country of choice and not somewhere else in Europe. The single most important aspect of having German residency if you are from a high-risk country that you never would have dreamed of. Advice to the younger labour market from around the world who are seeking a stable, friendly and safe country to live and work in. A common myth about Western cultures and their workforce and a concept to always understand. How using web platforms to meet new people will ensure your new life in Germany is better than you could possibly imagine.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/chase-warrington (157: Working Remote From Spain – Chase Warrington) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/andrew-holliday (152: Dealing With Debt As An Expat – Andrew Holliday) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/linda-mueller (151: Helping Spouses Cope With Expat Life – Linda Mueller)   HOW TO REACH EREZ AGAM https://amzn.to/3E6q1VS (Berlin’s Immigration Secrets) It is important to note that this book contains unique information that cannot be found in any other source (not even in immigration law offices).   CONCLUSION: Germany really is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I’ve been more than a dozen times, unfortunately, I’ve never been to Berlin. After talking with Erez about the history and the food found in Berlin, I’m going to have to make a special trip with my family next year.  If Germany is the country that you are interested in immigrating to, then you will gain a great deal of information from listening to this podcast. Erez knows what he is talking about, and don’t forget to go to Amazon and check out his book, it has everything you need to migrate to Germany.     Support this podcast
Nov 10 2021
1 hr 2 mins
160: Expat Life Secrets Across The Globe – Mikkel Thorup
Recently I was interviewed by Allen Koski and Andrew Jernigan about the expat world, there is a lot of important things in this interview that I really wanted to share this episode with you, my listeners.    HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Why my backstory is so important and why I am who I am. How life as a backpacker 20 years ago, was immensely different from today’s digital nomad and what can be learned from living those life lessons. Advice to those who are frustrated who want to pay less taxes and have the freedom they were always promised. The 4 different ways to get citizenship, which one will suit you best and why your life could depend on it! What happens if you don’t have the legal right to work and live in a country?  How to make and move your money around the world. Five critical advantages of living and working in a country that you have residency or citizenship in, aside from your country of origin. Who benefits most from having a 2nd document in today’s crazy world? If you’re from a high-risk country, with a crappy passport, learn how you can change your life forever! Why Panama is still the very best country in the world to gain a 2nd residency.    PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/six-months-in-florianpolis-brazil-update/ (150: Six Months In Florianópolis, Brazil – Complete Update – Mikkel Thorup) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/how-to-move-to-panama/ (116: How To Move To Panama Or Use It As Your Plan-B Residency – Mikkel Thorup) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/michael-strong/ (115: The Solution To Educating Your Children Abroad – Michael Strong)   HOW TO REACH  http://www.expatmoneyshow.com (Expat Money Show) https://amzn.to/2KEsDBm (Expat Secrets:) How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas & Make Giant Piles of Money   CONCLUSION: I love getting interviewed on other people's podcasts. I really enjoy telling my story so that my message can inspire more and more people. Helping people with their plan B, saving on taxes (or eliminating them), and moving overseas is just a great way to live. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode.         Support this podcast
Nov 3 2021
34 mins
159: Creating A Libertarian Country From Scratch – Vít Jedlička
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Vít Jedlička, the founder and elected head of state for Liberland, a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia. Liberland is a constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy. The country's motto is: To live and let live.   HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Why it’s futile to try and fix something that is broken, just start fresh and create something amazing. 3 of the strongest most powerful tools installed for governance in Liberland...and why it won’t fail you. How Liberland has used blockchain since its inception and why new technology could be the answer. What happens when you’re able to look at the entire world, pick the best governances available from each country and build your own nation from scratch. Listen as Vit explains how they came up with real-life strategies to have more freedom for your life. Our world needs solutions to help our family and friends, a big thank you to Vít for the work over the last decade pursuing freedom. Where will you be for the anniversary of Liberland? Make sure to save the date and be there!   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/marco-wutzer/ (137: Blockchain And The Future Of The Internet – Marco Wutzer) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/sergio-von-facchin/ (135: Living A Perpetual Traveller Lifestyle – Sergio Von Facchin) https://expatmoneyshow.com/captivate-podcast/ep-091-ladislas-maurice/ (091: The Wandering Investor Shares Insights From Around The World – Ladislas Maurice)   HOW TO REACH VÍT JEDLIČKA https://liberland.org/en/ (Liberland.org)   CONCLUSION: I am really excited about the future of Liberland. Vít and his team have worked extremely hard over the past several years and I look forward to seeing how this new country uses Bitcoin and the blockchain to create the very best governance for a free and just world.     Support this podcast
Oct 27 2021
59 mins
158: Investing In Russia For Massive Profits – Swen Lorenz
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Swen Lorenz, the https://expatmoneyshow.com/undervalued (Founder of Undervalued Shares) which serves as an inspiration and research resource for other investors. At just 46 years old, he has 31 years of experience in the stock market. His approach has always been to look at the entire world and pick the best investments for himself and his readers, focusing on easy-to-invest opportunities, DIY investing and community.   HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Why it’s so important to diversify your portfolio and not listen to those that have a negative perception about investing overseas.  Best advice for weirdos like us, who are contrarian investors who choose not to invest like the mainstream. What happens when you listen to the advice of an investor who looks at the entire world to make the best picks for his readers. Listen in to hear about extraordinary opportunities in countries that you never would have imagined in your lifetime.  Hear about an emerging investment trend that you won’t want to miss. Are people actually talking about moving to Russia for freedom? What is happening with Germany and Nuclear power plants? Are they following through with commitments made in 2011??  What has happened to the richest country and state in the world that can’t keep its lights on? Swen discusses that over the next 5 years life will not be getting any better and asks the question, ‘do you have your Plan B, 2nd residency, a 2nd passport, offshore gold vault, offshore banking in place?’ And why there has never been a better time in history for Mikkels type of business. Listen in to hear the best recommendations for stocks coming out of Russia. How to profit in Russia on their terms. And lots more for your investing consumption.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/yaro-starak/ (155 - Angel Investor Makes Millions And Builds A Solar Farm In Ukraine - Yaro Starak) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/brad-warren/ (139: How To Invest In Raw Land With Land-Banking – Brad Warren) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/tariq-dennison/ (113: Tax Optimized Retirement Accounts For Expats – Tariq Dennison)   HOW TO REACH  https://expatmoneyshow.com/undervalued (expatmoneyshow.com/undervalued) Swen promises you’ll get some extra goodies by using this link.   CONCLUSION: I’ve been friends with Swen for a couple of years now and really trust and value his honest and ethical opinion. If you’re interested in learning more about buying undervalued shares in Russia or anywhere else in the world, use the link above and reach out to Swen. He knows what he’s talking about so you won’t be disappointed. Support this podcast
Oct 20 2021
1 hr 6 mins
157: Working Remote From Spain - Chase Warrington
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Chase Warrington, an American expat currently living in Spain with his wife, Allison and their dog, Koda. (and I am told, Yes, Koda has a passport too). He’s the Head of Remote at Doist, a leading remote-first company, and a contributor for some of the top remote-work outlets, such as Remote-how, repeople, Future of Work, and others.  After calling half a dozen countries “home”, Chase is passionate about making location independence the new norm and helping others step into a life beyond borders.     HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Advice to the would-be digital nomad. What 2022 will look like?  Do you wonder who is suited for being a digital nomad?  Absolute best 3 tips for remote workers to get hired immediately! Swap stories of world travelling, what made them pack up everything and move to a new country, what drove them to see new lands, meet new people. Are your parents and friends still bugging you to settle down, have kids, white picket fence? Listen in to hear how Chase deals with it. Or about ‘being lucky’!! When people say, you’re lucky to get to travel and see new places and eat new food and make new friends...I wish I could do that! Does that make you mad? Chase talks about the sacrifices he made early on... loss of perks, low pay just to be location independent, and how now, those same things aren’t perks, people are demanding them.  Imagine this; surrounded by 3 oceans, the Pyrenees mountains, sunshine, amazing food and about 25% English speakers...heaven! Chase tells us where this is and how you can live there too!   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/marisa-meddin/ (149: How To Work Online So You Can Live On The Beach – Marisa Meddin) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/jen-ruiz/ (133: How to Find Cheap Flights To See The World On A Budget – Jen Ruiz) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/kari-dephillips/ (132: The Future Of Remote Work And Digital Nomadism – Kari DePhillips)   HOW TO REACH CHASE WARRINGTON  Twitter: https://twitter.com/dcwarrington (@dcwarrington) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dcwarrington/ (@dcwarrington)  http://blog.doist.com/ (blog.Doist.com) http://aboutabroad.com/ (aboutabroad.com)   CONCLUSION: Fun conversation with Chase. I love swapping stories with fellow world travellers. Life is different today than when I started travelling 21 years ago. I backpacked, slept on people’s couches, learned the local language because it just made sense. Now, everything is online and digital. What an amazing world we live in!     Support this podcast
Oct 13 2021
1 hr 6 mins
156: Building An Amazon Business From The Beaches Of Costa Rica – Rob Cosman
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Rob Cosman, a fellow Canadian living and working in Costa Rica since 2017 and loving it. He has been selling online in various ways since 1998 when he made his very first website and launched a company selling online craft products. Today he sells on Amazon and other online marketplaces and helps Amazon and eCommerce sellers design the lifestyle they want with his company Selling From The Beach.    HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN THIS INTERVIEW: Great story of perseverance and family, and when the time is right to just go for it.  What happens when you find that the life you are leading is just not that much fun anymore. Working every day, 9-5, for what? Living in the Caymans and Costa Rica and what that looks like for a Canadian. So why Costa Rica? Of all the places on the globe, what would make a family of 4 pack everything up in Toronto and move south? You’re about to make one of the most important decisions in your life, so everyone better be on the same page, but what if that’s not the case? How do you handle that? What does life look like when you have small children and decide to leave the only home they’ve ever known to move to a country that speaks a different language and you’ll know no one? How do children handle that sort of adjustment? And is the education system well suited for your kids? Growing a business overseas, the pitfalls, the advantages, what they learned through renting and then buying a home in Costa Rica and getting their permanent residency card.  5 years have now come and gone. Was moving to Costa Rica a good decision? Would they do it all over again?   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/captivate-podcast/eric-schleien/ (123: Investing In Foreign Stock Markets Like A Boss – Eric Schleien) https://expatmoneyshow.com/captivate-podcast/karl-pierre/ (124: One Euro Homes In Italy And How You Can Purchase Them Today – Karl Pierre) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/travis-rosbach/ (134: Selling A Billion-Dollar Brand And What Comes Next – Travis Rosbach)   HOW TO REACH ROB COSMAN http://www.sellingfromthebeach.com (Selling From The Beach) http://www.linkedin.com/in/rcosman (Linkedin) https://www.facebook.com/groups/637461813299364 (Facebook) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-YySPf4eoobyeUQYR2b3w?view_as=subscriber (YouTube)   CONCLUSION: Fantastic conversation with Rob. He is truly living his dream life. Wife, children, on the beach and helping others create what he has created. If you are thinking of a change in career or are already a seller on Amazon, you’ll love this episode. Check out Rob’s courses, he is awesome.    Support this podcast
Oct 6 2021
1 hr 20 mins
155: Angel Investor Makes Millions And Builds A Solar Farm In Ukraine – Yaro Starak
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Yaro Starak, co-founder of InboxDone.com. He is an Angel Investor of 30+ companies, has built a Solar Farm In Ukraine, earned $2 Million from blogging and travelled the world living in AirBnb’s in 26 cities all while growing his business working only 2 hours per day.    HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Exactly how Yaro started and grew a business and sold for a profit. Not once but twice. A common myth about being an Angel Investor. This is an important concept to always understand when you want to make money as an investor.  Are you truly interested in freedom, real freedom, then listen in to hear the best advice ever! How you can achieve a 7 or 8 figure business with only 2 or 3 employees, and what you need to have in place to achieve those goals! Exactly how to build a business like a solar farm, what is needed and how to maintain good cash flow for years to come. Have you ever wondered what life would be like travelling the world and living in Airbnb’s and hotels? What are the life lessons learned! How to listen to your gut when it says, ‘I don’t want a job, I want to travel’ and how to make that your reality. Ever wonder what the best skills are to have as an entrepreneur? Listen in as Yaro and Mikkel talk about what they had to do, especially in the beginning of their careers. Best quote of the day, ‘It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep’   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/sergio-von-facchin/ (135: Living A Perpetual Traveller Lifestyle – Sergio Von Facchin) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/jen-ruiz/ (133: How to Find Cheap Flights To See The World On A Budget – Jen Ruiz) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/vin-armani/ (129: How To Move To Saipan Without A Visa Or Even A Passport – Vin Armani)   HOW TO REACH YARO STARAK https://www.inboxdone.com/ (https://www.inboxdone.com/) http://twitter.com/yarostarak (http://twitter.com/yarostarak) http://instagram.com/yarostarak (http://instagram.com/yarostarak)   CONCLUSION: Great conversation with Yaro. His main business after all these years is InboxDone, an email management company with a team of 25 serving clients all around the world. I am certainly a great candidate for using his service. I probably spend a good 5 hours every day, opening, reading and responding to emails. I think it’s time to give up my habit and call on the expertise of Yaro. If you are in the same position as me, what a great service to free up some really valuable time to build your business.   Support this podcast
Sep 29 2021
1 hr 15 mins
154: Converting A School Bus To A Tiny Home And Travelling For 10 Years Straight – Chris Penn
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Chris Penn from Off Grid Skoolie. He has been living and travelling in vehicles for over 10 years now. His journey started in a self converted camper van and today he currently lives full time in a 2002 Blue Bird Skoolie. After spending 3 years in a Class A motorhome, he knew something had to change.   HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Listen in while Chris talks about the extensive renovations required after buying his 2002 Blue Bird Skoolie. What happens when you realize that you want something bigger and better… What life is really like living in a BlueBird Skoolie and travelling through Alaska, Canada and the entire USA for more than 10 years? Mikkel and Chris talk shop…1700w of solar, 900ah of lithium battery storage, 26quft. Of cold food storage and 200 gallons of fresh water capacity. Now that’s the way to travel! What does life look like after the culmination of lessons learned from hundreds of thousands of miles travelling in many different kinds of vehicles? Off-grid life and what features are important when you spend several months on the road.  Favourite quote of the day: Don’t talk about it, be about it Life can be absolutely amazing doing something that makes you happy, and driving coast to coast in a Skoolie is what does it for Chris. But what about money? Chris talks about earning a living, a good living.  Chris and Mikkel share travel stories, what living on the road can teach someone and is being a digital nomad and seeing the world really in your blood.   RELATED PODCAST EPISODES https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/kevin-koskella/ (143: Building A Business And Finding Romance In Brazil – Kevin Koskella) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/myles-wakeham/ (140: How To Live Your Life Unconstrained – Myles Wakeham) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/sergio-von-facchin/ (135: Living A Perpetual Traveller Lifestyle – Sergio Von Facchin)   HOW TO REACH CHRIS PENN https://www.theoffgridskoolie.com/ (TheOffgridSkoolie.com) https://tinyhometour.com/ (Tinyhometour.com) https://www.zeppelintravels.com/ (Zepplin travels.com)   CONCLUSION: What a great life Chris lives. Travelling at his leisure, teaching people how to create a life like his, and working on projects that he loves to make a great income for himself and his dog!  I’ve always talked about renting an RV and travelling through Europe or North America, sounds better every day!   Support this podcast
Sep 22 2021
1 hr 14 mins
153: Creating A Support Network For The Worlds Poorest – Gret Glyer
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Gret Glyer, founder of https://donorsee.com/expat (DonorSee), a support network for the world's poorest. Their Mission is to become the world's fastest-growing charity platform to usher in a new age for global charity: raising the industry's standards for transparency, immediacy, and innovation.   HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Exactly how to make a difference in the life of an infant child, a widow or an orphaned child….and how to help them possibly provide for themselves for a lifetime! Who really benefits from donating as little as $10 a month to people from the poorest country on the planet? Why it’s essentially impossible for people from developing countries like Malawi to get themselves out of poverty with the system we have without some help from outside sources How your donation can provide simple necessities like formula and food for a child for an entire year. A common myth about why people from Africa are some of the poorest countries in the world... This is an important concept to understand when you reach into your pocket to help and why it’s so important to help. How to guarantee your donation goes directly to the project that you have chosen. What happens after you donate? Listen in as Gret explains what the protocol is and how your money will be spent. This is tax-deductible -- I would much rather see my subscribers voluntarily giving money to help families in need instead of it being wasted on taxes.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/jennings-wright/ (145: Building A Nonprofit In The Slums Of Uganda – Jennings Wright) https://expatmoneyshow.com/captivate-podcast/marek-zmyslowski-chasing-black-unicorns-tech-startups-and-corruption-in-africa/ (076: Chasing Black Unicorns - Tech Startups & Corruption - Marek Zmyslowski) https://expatmoneyshow.com/captivate-podcast/james-ellsmoor-renewable-energy/ (031: How You Can Make A Difference In Small Island Nations With Renewable Energy And Sustainable Innovation - James Ellsmoor)   HOW TO REACH GRET GLYER http://www.donorsee.com/expat (DonorSee.com/expat) When you sign up using the above link for a monthly donation to DonorSee.com, starting with as little as $10/month, you’ll receive a premium DonorSee T-shirt.   CONCLUSION: What a heart-wrenching conversation with Gret Glyer and listening to his stories of living in the poorest country in the world for 3 years that led to the founding of DonorSee. Gret believes relationships are the heartbeat of effective charity. His platform enables donors to donate directly to people in need and see the impact of their gifts with a video update on every donation. I would like to encourage you to donate, even just a small amount will make a big impact. You’ll understand my urgency once you’ve listened to Gret’s story of living overseas and how important https://donorsee.com/expat (DonorSee) is.   Support this podcast
Sep 15 2021
1 hr
152: Dealing With Debt As An Expat – Andrew Holliday
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Andrew Holliday, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Ostrich, an app-based community focused on enabling people to achieve their financial goals, regardless of their level of wealth or knowledge. In order to do this, they emphasize habit building, and the behavioural psychology underlying it. They provide the structure for users to work towards their goals with their financial challenges within their mobile app and add social accountability to this by allowing users to connect with one another and see challenge progress.    HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Step-by-step instructions on how to become Financially Free in these times of high debts, student loans, and massive credit card debt. Exactly how to achieve Financial Freedom from the beginning ….and how to live a freer life whether it’s through saving, investing, giving or spending. The absolute best concept for beginner investors and why this solution is safe and easy to use.  Being accountable for your finances and life and why it is possibly the most important lesson you will ever learn. Who really benefits from you paying off your credit card and student debt earlier than expected and why this one trick can put $$$ in your pocket. Listen in to hear Mikkel talk about working 13-14 hours a day for 2 years straight, 6 ½ days a week and what that can look like in your family life. The great secret behind wealth and Financial Freedom that no one ever wants to tell you. Why it’s essentially impossible to get out of debt the way you’ve been taught in traditional schools and why Andrew and his app, Ostrich, can help you get on the right track.   PODCAST EPISODES YOU WILL ENJOY https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/myles-wakeham/ (140: How To Live Your Life Unconstrained – Myles Wakeham) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/nimrod-dean-kuchel/ (138: Digital Nomad Life In Asia – Nimrod Dean Kuchel) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/tariq-dennison/ (113: Tax Optimized Retirement Accounts For Expats – Tariq Dennison)   HOW TO REACH ANDREW HOLLIDAY https://getostrich.com/ (Get Ostrich)   CONCLUSION: I really enjoy talking about travelling the world and personal finances. Andrew and his partner at Ostrich have figured out how to help people achieve personal financial freedom with their new app and showing how being accountable to one another can be a game-changer. If you don’t have the amount of money in your savings account that you would like, or you are heavily in debt and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, or retirement just may not happen for you, then please check out this episode.    Support this podcast
Sep 8 2021
1 hr 5 mins
151: Helping Spouses Cope With Expat Life – Linda Mueller
Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Linda Mueller, a coach for expat partners who have given up their own careers in their home countries to help support their spouses abroad. Her company is called https://www.theexpatpartnercoach.com/ (The Expat Partner Coach) and she offers a program called Adapt & Succeed Abroad that addresses the key issues faced by expat spouses from planning a move to adapting quickly and creating connections.  She has been featured in HuffPost, Women’s Health, MSN, and Thrive Global.   HERE’S WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN DETAIL IN THIS INTERVIEW: Linda and Mikkel discuss what it’s REALLY like being a spouse living overseas. Top tips and tricks to understanding if your spouse is saying ‘yes’ to the opportunity for them or not. Best bit of advice you can get from an experienced spouse & expat that has moved to more countries than you have probably moved homes! Why it’s so important to help your spouse to communicate & understand what lays ahead of them. Best advice from a veteran expat of 13 years, who has made 7 international moves Is reverse culture shock (coming back to the USA), real?  Linda shares what the move to Japan was like, not once but twice? What did she go through? Was she scared? Was it a massive shift?   RELATED PODCAST EPISODES https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/sarah-tarvin/ (144: How To Raise Your Children To Be Multilingual - Sara Tarvin) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/nimrod-dean-kuchel/ (138: Digital Nomad Life In Asia - Dean Kuchel) https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/michael-strong/ (115: The Solution To Educating Your Children Abroad - Michael Strong)   HOW TO REACH Instagram and Fb @ The Expat Partner Coach https://www.theexpatpartnercoach.com/ (The Expat Partner Coach)   CONCLUSION: I had such an interesting conversation with Linda about living overseas with a spouse who has taken on a new job in different countries, 7 times. They were lucky enough to live in Japan twice and also one of my favourite places, Abu Dhabi UAE.  Life can be daunting for a spouse that has their own career and is then asked by their spouse to give it up. Linda really understands what it takes to make the move and still keep her family together. If you’re thinking about moving, you’ll love this episode.   Support this podcast
Sep 1 2021
1 hr 5 mins