Thrill Kill


Sep 7 2020 • 1 hr

Sure, it was originally a sports game based on ancient pok-ta-pok, and yeah, the story is just Eternal Champion, and okay, I'll admit that the character designs look like the dregs of DeviantArt, but damn, I wish that Thrill Kill actually came out.  On this episode, my good friend, Yeti, joins me to discuss the game that never was, and the game it became.  The game would later be repurposed as Wu Tang: Shaolin Style (which friggin' rips, by the way). Anyone who has ever played the Def Jam wrestling series will surely see a clear influence in the cartoony style and somewhat free roaming nature in the square playable areas.  The franchise had a comic book deal with Malibu Comics at one point. We talk about the infamous E3 98 event, wherein the developers made interesting choices for last-minute replacement for actresses depicting two of the characters.  At one point, Virgin Interactive was literally hucking boxes full of porn into the developer, Paradox's offices to inspire the first ever MA rated game, but then they realize that retailers would not be keen on that sort of thing, and then the tone changed and everything got dialed back.  Things got even worse with trade deals, until one unnamed champion leaked a full version of the game online in a playable Rom.  This week's "Hidden Track" is Next Attempt, with their song 50 or 60hz. ; @nextattemptofficial If you ever have feedback or recommendations on future episodes, please let us know at You can always find us on our social media: Instagram, Twitter, Slasher App: @slasherspod Facebook: /slasherspod Reddit: u/slasherspod Theme song is I wanna Die by Mini Meltdowns. ; --- Support this podcast: