Don’t Give Up on Testicular Cancer

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This podcast is all about testicular cancer--the survivors, medical researchers, stories from caregivers, those who didn't make it, awareness advocates, and much more. It covers the whole subject with compelling stories about this cancer--which, though rare in general, is the number one cancer hitting young men. "Don't Give Up" fighting this wildfire-like form of cancer, because great strides have been made and with more awareness and effort, we can BEAT testicular cancer for good. read less
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Life, Faith and Surviving Testicular Cancer - Part 1
Feb 10 2023
Life, Faith and Surviving Testicular Cancer - Part 1
Meet Matt Ode, now 31 at the recording of this podcast, married, and a man who survived Stage 3C testicular cancer. Diagnosed at age 24, Matt was a personal trainer in excellent shape and enjoying life until he received his cancer diagnosis. His treatment began with chemotherapy, and then, surgery to remove an 11-centimeter tumor in his small intestine followed by multiple complications.  Faith played, and continues to  play, a vital and primary role in Matt's story, details he shared in this podcast. Matt's mom had people praying all over the world for his recovery. He endured two comas - one that happened on its own, and later, an induced coma after cardiac arrest. His girlfriend, now wife Lauren, traveled this journey with him, and listeners will learn more about her support. And now, after years of hard work and internal discovery, Matt gives back to those with cancer in many ways.His Facebook group - Cancer/ Patient Survivor Network: Take Back Your Life From Cancer- began in 2020 and has more than 6,000 followers. In 2023, he introduced a second Facebook group to help cancer survivors find the path they want to take using their own unique talents.This is Part 1 of Matt Ode's story. Learn more about this vibrant, enthusiastic, and energetic young man, helping people transform their minds, body and spirit as a testicular cancer survivor.VIsit the Max Mallory Foundation to listen to this and past episodes of Don't GIve Up on Testicular Cancer.Send us a Text Message.Support the Show.Find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin. If you can please support our nonprofit through Patreon.