S1 E13: I Hate To Call it a Secret (Dan / @DanCole42)


Aug 2 2022 • 21 mins

Dan Cole joins the show to talk about his origin story, how he got started in product management by accident and how his passion for helping users find their joy has lead to 20 years in product management, where he is now the VP of Product Management at a Cyber Security software company. We discuss what it was like building a team during the early days of the pandemic in a fully remote environment and what tools and processes helped him to really connect with his team and compose a team with psychological safety. Discussed Links https://rework.withgoogle.com/ (Google re:Work) https://rework.withgoogle.com/guides/managers-set-and-communicate-a-team-vision/steps/create-a-vision-with-the-team/ (Google re:Work: Set and communicate a team vision) https://miro.com/ (Miro) https://www.saveafox.org/ (Save A Fox) https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOVBquc7KLNc3wgV6BCM9S3x9fORbA4my4iSnmVF1xx2hAj_M4mUpoOdZWvhIrzcQ?key=V3ZrZUJnRnhaeUppRDNKSmhFN1dSc0lCNWMzdlJn (Photo of Dan's Backyard Fox)