S1 E6: This is Like Real Life (Kelly / @kellycodeschaos)


Jul 6 2022 • 19 mins

Kelly Harrop joins the show to talk about her origin story, starting as a professional gamer turned video game model, turned product manager turned UX Engineer, where she has settled in to her passion. We discuss what UX Engineering is all about, and just how much she loves buttons. We talk about video games, including her current obsession, Elden Ring, before finding ourselves back in familiar territory discussing how video games relate to life. Discussed Links https://en.bandainamcoent.eu/elden-ring/elden-ring (Elden Ring) https://codeandpixels.fm/ (Code and Pixels Podcast) https://t.co/y9iMtT8ZWj (Kelly's Talk at Figma's Config Conference) https://t.co/CKE7rCpuSY (Kelly's Website) https://twitter.com/kellycodeschaos (Kelly's Twitter: @KellyCodesChaos) Previously on WebJoy https://webjoy.fm/episode/season-1-episode-1-play-until-it-pays-jason-lengstorf (S1 E1: Play Until it Pays) https://webjoy.fm/episode/s1-e5-instead-of-using-fire-i-use-ice-michael-mtliendo (S1 E5: Instead of Using Fire, I Use Ice)