BC Clark

Two simple words that, separately, embody so much. And together they perfectly express the moment when two lives are joined. While ‘You’ stands for an individual’s story, ‘Two’ stands for a shared journey. The proposal. This is the moment commitment happens. When one’s journey goes from You to Two. An engagement ring is worn as a reminder of the promise of such commitment. It is the punctuation mark that ends one’s first chapter. And it will be with them through the entirety of Chapter Two. It will bear witness to every shared milestone – happy, tragic, messy, or divine. Countless marriages begin here at BC Clark. As Oklahoma’s oldest jeweler – since 1892 – we have reveled in witnessing stories bloom, unfolding into beautiful epics. We are now telling some of those stories. Visit to get more personal and meet each featured couple. For those of you who aspire to the kind of life and love our stories portray, you should seek a ring worthy of your journey as Two. It’s quite simple: If you want the best life has to offer, you go to BC Clark – the best Oklahoma has to offer. This podcast is produced by Traction Marketing.