180. From Kicking Goals to Doing Deals; Brad Lord and Charlie Yankos, RWC Greater Sydney South; Commercial Real Estate Leadership

Commercial Real Estate Leadership

May 22 2024 • 30 mins

In episode 180 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, join Darren Krakowiak as he delves into the partnership of Brad Lord and Charlie Yankos, principals of RWC (Ray White Commercial) Greater Sydney South.

Charlie Yankos, a former captain of the Australian national soccer team, reveals the lessons he learned about team work, discipline and leadership that helped him forge a post-professional athlete career in the cut-and-thrust world of commercial real estate.

Brad Lord, who spend many years in property management and then moved into sales and leasing, provides practical steps that others can use to make the successful transition into a transaction-based, commission-driven role.

This episode will captivate listeners interested in learning how personal dynamics can positively influence professional endeavours; listen now and you'll discover how these two leaders with a shared family connection (Charlie is married to Brad's mum) have united to enhance their business together at RWC Greater Sydney South and as clients of CRE Success.


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