69: Take Your Own Damn Advice with Jenny + Jai Holla

Be Fabbo - A Business + Personal Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

Apr 4 2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

April continues Mindset Month (yeah, I am claiming it!) Please join Bobbi for this 5 week series on Mindset with fellow mindset coaches Jenni + Jai Holla.

The Hollas are creating a life fueled by freedom, fun and adventure on your terms.

You'll find this series on the social audio app Clubhouse in the Wedding Pros Club


The 3 of us guide the audience through a series of questions, sharing insights and then do some live coaching with the audience.

So grab your fave beverage, pen, paper, or laptop to take notes or fill out the worksheet.

Put your notifications on silent, invest this hour in yourself and let's work together to shift your Mindset!

  • A Better Business Starts With A Better You!
  • Are You Ready?
  • Grab your earbuds, and Let's get started!

Grab Week 1 worksheet here if you like to follow along to help move you and your business forward and create the life and business you deserve!

Link for WK 5 Worksheet The Essential Takeaways:

19:00 Have you actually tried to implement somebody else's advice? And it's failed? Have you tried to implement somebody else's advice and said, Oh, my gosh, thank you for that. And it was a skyrocket, and it put you on a new course. It opened up windows and opportunities. Have you done that in business and in life?

56:15 if you don't fail, how do we know we succeed? Is that is that old adage, right? And again, when you when you win, and when you let's say fail or lose? It's a lesson. What are you going to take from that?

1:10:33 I want you to really consider leaning into that thing that your gut is telling you, or maybe the thing you've been avoiding doing, that can unlock everything for you.

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