Authorpreneur Podcast #13: Amanda Greaves, author of The Chameleon Diaries

Authorpreneur Podcast - Leveraging the Power of Books for Business

May 16 2024 • 1 hr 21 mins

In this episode of The Authorpreneur Podcast, I talk with Amanda Greaves, a motivational speaker, coach, and author of The Chameleon Diaries: Designing A Life Worth Changing For, a book about uncovering your true identity and discovering the path to self-acceptance. Through trials and tribulations, downfalls and triumphs, Amanda had been traveling through life with a set of values that didn’t necessarily belong to her, and wasn’t aware of their misplacement until she had had one too many breakdowns and heart wrenching dramas fall within the pages of her life’s story. When she started to fully understand that she had the option to break the repeated habits that had been holding her back, she stepped into her natural empowerment, released herself from the stronghold of limiting beliefs, and shifted her direction towards a clear and more fulfilling course of soulful driven passion and purpose. Amanda’s mission is to reach as many women and men that are carrying similar stories to hers and show them there is a way past the feelings of being stuck, unworthy, and not enough. She believes in leading with her heart, and that is why she puts her heart into everything she does. When she started to peel back the layers of uncertainty and doubt while writing The Chameleon Diaries, she discovered the truth behind all the masks she had been wearing for so many years, and fell in love with herself, her process, and the desire to help others uncover their own destiny and reach their wildest dreams. I really think that you’re going to enjoy this episode. Website: Book: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Amazon Author Page: