Season 4 Episode 12 | Light and Life | John 11

The Outspoken Bible

Jul 2 2022 • 59 mins

Join Fiona, Neil and Jen for the fourth season of The Outspoken Bible as they talk their way through the gospel of John in pursuit of old truths and fresh insights.

Glover's Off is on Munros (mountains over 3000 feet) and the love of lists, before discussion turns to John 11, a chapter where a chain of immediate events links us into the ultimate smashing of the chains of death, injustice and sin for all. Jen's Gem is about a brilliant examen mug available from YouthScape

This episode was engineered and edited by Aimee Higgins.


Show Notes

The Outspoken Bible is hosted by Fiona Stewart, Neil Glover and Jen Robertson. Each episode consists of a main section where the three contributors discuss a Bible passage, a 'Glover's Off' section where Neil shares something that is giving him pause for thought in parish ministry, and a 'Jen's Gem' where Jen shares a helpful application or resource for anyone working in youth and family ministry. All opinions are those of the individual contributors and don't necessarily reflect the view of the Scottish Bible Society as an organisation.


John For Everyone Part 2 (Tom Wright)

Examug (Youthscape)


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If you're reading along with us, then next time we'll be talking about John 12. You can order copies of Light and Life from Scottish Bible Society.