Steven Sashen, The Creator of Xero Shoes

The Big Leap

Mar 17 2023 • 56 mins

The Evolution of A Renaissance Man

What do you get when you combine a comedian, a sprinter, a filmmaker, an archer, and an entrepreneur all in one?

You get Steven Sashen, and this week, Gay and Mike had the pleasure of picking his brain.

One of the things that Mike loves about Steven is that he is a first-principle thinker with a wild background and an absolutely fascinating story.

Today they'll delve into Steven's mindset, how he approaches problem-solving, and his guiding principle for making a living and having as much fun as possible.

They also talked about some of the Big Leaps he's made in his life, from being a professional stand-up comedian to running a software company to accidentally starting a footwear brand with his wife that has grown to over a million customers worldwide.

The thing Mike found most impressive about Steven was his willingness to look at any situation with a clear-eyed perspective and seek the truth. His insights and perspectives are something we can all learn from, and Mike thinks you'll enjoy hearing them.

Tune in to The Big Leap Podcast for an insightful and entertaining conversation with Steven Sashen.

Key Takeaways

  • (05:08) Steven’s Big Leaps and Backstory
  • (15:27) The inspiration behind Xero Shoes
  • (22:34) It’s really easy to make a million dollars
  • (28:52) The first principles that Steven lives by
  • (35:45) Working as couple has been the best thing Steven has ever done

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