History of the Second World War

Wesley Livesay

History of the Second World War is a weekly podcast which will cover World War 2, beginning with the tumultuous years after the First World War, continuing into the descent into war during the 1930s, through the war years, and then into the post war aftermath. read less

Our Editor's Take

World War II is one of the defining moments of not just American history but the 20th century as well. The world would be forever changed by the events that occurred during the war and immediately after it. History of the Second World War is a podcast that allows listeners to explore this period more fully.

The host of History of the Second World War is Wesley Livesay. He is a web developer and podcaster. In July 2014, he began a podcast on World War I, otherwise known as "The Great War." That series would end in December 2019. This podcast is a direct sequel to that prior program. The series starts with explanations of the Great Depression and the Spanish Civil War. Both of these things were precursors to the war.

While History of the Second World War does talk about Allied victories, there is much more to it than that. This WWII podcast is more interested in telling stories that listeners don't know. The war lasted a long time, and so much happened during that period. There were stories of heroic Germans going against the Axis. Soldiers on opposite sides forged unexpected friendships across enemy lines. These smaller stories become part of the larger backdrop of the war. As such, they allow listeners to experience history from a new vantage point.

Livesay is passionate about the subject matter and knows a great deal about it. He also is an effective communicator about the history of World War II. He manages to speak about the topic in a way that feels both informed and relatable. One does not need to be an expert to follow this podcast.

New episodes of the History of the Second World War podcast debut on Wednesdays. The episodes are in rough chronological order. But listeners can check out any episode that interests them and be able to follow along.

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