Running Lean

Patrick McGilvray

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Our Editor's Take

Many runners know the feeling of training their hardest and still not seeing results. The Running Lean podcast with Patrick McGilvray offers a way to get back on track. A better diet may make a better runner, but today's diet culture doesn't make it easy. Conflicting information can make it hard to determine what's actually good for weight loss and running goals. Even ultrarunners may often fall for shaky weight-loss schemes. McGilvray, a longtime marathon runner, started Running Lean to change that. He offers an expert perspective on the problem many runners find themselves asking at some point how do they get leaner?

The podcast host has helped many runners reach big goals with simple steps for success. He draws on years of experience. McGilvray is not just a long-distance runner. The host is also an accomplished running coach, a nutritionist, and a life coach. This background helps make him a top weight loss coach for runners.

The weekly podcast Running Lean explains what a lot of people overlook when they try to lose weight. It also provides athletes with dietary guidance. The goal is not just to make runners fitter and faster. The host also wants to help listeners live healthier. science. McGilvray first debunks what he thinks is the biggest myth of all. That's why weight loss is as simple as eating fewer calories and running more. He follows that up with simple steps and free training tips. This may help listeners get out of the weight loss trap and become stronger runners. The focus here is on "lean" as opposed to "thin." The host is a strong supporter of protein and strength training for building muscle.

Each episode may help runners overcome obstacles on their weight loss journey. The show addresses physical, mental, and emotional challenges. It also addresses the biggest questions posed to endurance athletes. Topics include optimal nutrition, the mental game of running, and the right way to train. The Running Lean podcast may be a helpful listen for runners of all levels. New episodes drop each Friday.

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