Loneliness And Leadership With David Siegel


Apr 21 2022 • 1 hr

Are You feeling lonely? This episode has the potential to change YOUR life. This will be the most beneficial 50 minutes You’ve ever spent. Listen to David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, as he shares his tips with the Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore. David Siegel directs the largest Community organization in the world with over 57 million members in 190 countries. You’ll learn that Meetup was formed just after 9/11 to address the issue of LONELINESS. This is a growing concern among all age groups but especially Millennials. David discusses with Barry important points from his book: Decide & Conquer. You’ll learn insights about YOU and how You can use these to further Your Personal Growth and Connect with like-minded people everywhere. Powerful Episode to SHARE. Please feel free to share YOUR views with us, the show is all YOURS!

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