How to Find Yourself with Craig Handley and Barry Shore


Apr 20 2022 • 1 hr

Become your Best Self and live stress free, guaranteed. Because it's all about YOU. Imagine a person who hangs out with Sir Richard Branson, Ringo Starr and, oh my, the Dalai Lama? And who partied with Akon? The Ambassador of JOY welcomes his friend Craig Handley to The JOY Of LIVING podcast. In addition to all this Craig, is a seriously successful entrepreneur, musician and best selling author of "Hired to Quit". You'll be mesmerized as Barry and Craig discuss how this helps YOU become Your Best Self. You don't need to cage dive with sharks like Craig did or run a $150 Million dollar Company with 1,000 employees. Access all this valuable information and SHARE this Episode with Everyone on Your List. Please feel free to share YOUR views with us, the show is all YOURS!

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