Time Out

Man in the Arena

Dec 21 2021 • 29 mins

Time just seems to move differently in football. There are 60 minutes on the game clock, but the games take three hours to play.

For the players, time can seem to slow down at certain moments, during certain plays. But then... the whole season seems to go by quickly. And most careers are over in only a few years.

And it's not just football. For all of us, time flies, it crawls, it stands still, and when we look back we think... Where did it go?

This episode looks at what “football time” can show us about time itself, why we perceive it so differently depending on what we’re doing, and how we may be able to change that…

GUESTS: Chris Matthews, Sport and Performance Psychologist Mike Gervais, Mike Reiss

Thanks to ESPN and the CFL for the clips used in this episode.