#041: Being Adaptable in Your Marketing and Keeping Up With Technology

Living in Alignment

Jul 29 2022 • 19 mins

In this episode, I talked about the importance of being adaptable in your marketing strategies and how we have to keep up with the changes in technology.

As humans, we don’t like change.

And when it comes to our marketing strategies, we tend to be skeptical when new things are released.

I think that’s just human nature to automatically be skeptical, especially if we’ve been doing something a certain way for a long time…

…but it’s important for us to be adaptable and to change with the times because we have to go where the people are.

For best results, we have to put our message in front of the people on the platforms where they’re actually going to see it, even when it’s different than what we are used to doing.

I went into this in more detail in this episode, and I hope that it helps you to remember that It’s important to be adaptable.

It’s important to grow and evolve with the times and with technology when it comes to getting our message out to the world…… because your message matters and deserves to be heard.

I love you!

Enjoy the episode!

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