Tip of the Week-Habit Stacking

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Jan 1 2024 • 15 mins

We’re kicking off 2024 talking about one of my favorite topics: Habit Stacking.

James Clear talks about Habit Stacking in his best selling book, Atomic Habits.

Essentially you take something you are already doing, and add the new desired habit on top of the existing habit. The correlation between time and/or location alerts your brain to trigger the new habit. For example: “Each time I go upstairs, I bring up whatever is in the basket” or “every night after dinner I run the dishwasher.”By building on an existing habit or routine, allows your brain to adopt the new habit easier than if you were to try to create the habit from scratch.

If you’re looking to create some healthy habits in 2024 ,I’ve outlined 5 different places for you to use as a jumping off point:
Remember to start small and be specific. The key to successful habit stacking is incremental change.
2024 we’re here for ya!
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