Downsizing Staging and Moving with Betsy Cahn and Linda Thibodeau | Ep 373

This Organized Life

Feb 1 2024 • 30 mins

Hi Friends,

In today's episode, we're diving into downsizing, staging, and moving.
Linda and Betsy have mastered the art of decluttering and staging homes over the past six years, especially during the pandemic real estate boom. Their approach starts early, two months before moving, allowing ample time for decluttering and organizing.

They're all about creative storage solutions within the home, making the moving process smoother. Their color-coded labeling system and precise packing techniques save time and hassle.
But it's not just about stuff—it's about stories. Linda and Betsy take the time to listen to their clients' tales, uncovering fascinating treasures like an invitation to JFK's inauguration.

Having a support system during decluttering is crucial, keeping distractions at bay and maintaining focus. Linda and Betsy encourage staying in one space and surrounding yourself with supportive friends.

To connect with Linda and Betsy, find them on Instagram as @CuratedSpacesOrganizing or visit their website at

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