ep 245: Health over Clutter with Noel Elie

This Organized Life

Aug 19 2021 • 50 mins

Hi Friends!

Today we are talking about what happens when a health crisis causes you to get rid of everything you own.

Joining me today is actress, entrepreneur and health advocate-Noel Ellie. Noel shares her story which includes putting her career on the back burner to care for her sick mom, and what she learned during that season of her life.

Little did Noel know that a few years later she would be facing her own crippling illness that resulted in her having to get rid of 99% of her possessions.

During our conversation we talked about:

  • How she had to prioritize health over work
  • Mourning the loss of material things
  • What items were hardest to let go

In the second half of the show we talk about what organization looked like for Noel while she was growing up and she shares some of her tips and strategies with us.

I hope you find inspiration and connection during this episode

Watch this episode.

xo- Laurie

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