02 | Unlock Your team's Potential: Top AI Tools to Skyrocket Your Efficiency & Business Growth revealed by Adi Vaxman, CEO of Sheba Consulting, and sought-after fractional COO

Leveraging AI

Apr 3 2023 • 6 mins

AI tools are incredible efficiency multipliers, and they can dramatically impact business results with minimal investment, BUT there are thousands of AI tools and choosing the right ones is not an easy task.

Hence, you need someone to show you some amazing low hanging fruits you can implement today to immediately gain efficiency benefits.

in this episode, we interview Adi Vaxman the CEO of Sheba Consulting and she shares some amazing tools and use-cases she has successfully implemented in her company and in multiple client organizations.

Tools we covered:
💥 ChatGPT
💥 Bard
💥 Bing
💥 Summarize
💥 Numerous.ai
💥 Synthesia / D-ID / Movio
💥 Engage.ai
💥 Fathom.ai
💥 Koala Writer (koala.sh)

Adi Vaxman is an expert in implementing systems that drive growth in organizations, and recently many of these have been AI systems. Everything she shares in this episode is tested in several companies and proven to provide results.

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Artificial Intelligence is changing the world we know at a faster and faster pace. It will have a dramatic impact on everything we know, including our personal life, our society, and our businesses and economy.

I am Isar Meitis, 3 time CEO, with 2 successful exists, and I see AI as the biggest disruption ever, and hence, an incredible opportunity.

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