Mindset Over Skillset

Designing Your Life Today

Jun 27 2016 • 19 mins

Although skillset is important and it seems to be what most people are taught to focus on, today.  Skillset is connected to education.  Because of this, most people hold themselves back because they believe they lack the skillset.  The truth is mindset is far more important.  When you rely on skillset only you are relying on intellect only and that can limit your creativity.  Also, relying on skillset only can bring about a need for more education or consistent education which can sometimes lead to an excuse for not getting started.  On the other, mindset can bring about a feeling of more security.  Listen to today's show and find out why.  Also, find out why your mindset can help you release your authenticity.  Get more information about how your mindset can connect you to more income.  Get the key to using your endurance and inspiration and how connecting them to your skillset will give you the balance needed to build an exceptional life.  Find out about some of the mindset qualities to focus on and develop and take control of your destiny.  Knowing the qualities that are connected to developing the best mindset, will help you focus on becoming your very best self.