Liberal Sherpa

Cathy Areu

Feisty Latina journalist Cathy Areu guides you through the magical, yet terrifying, terrain of our progressive new world. Don’t be left out, do call in, and don’t kill the messenger.
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S4E10: Catching Up with Actor, Comedian, Voice Over Guru Carlos Alarazqui (a.ka. one of Reno’s 911’s finest/worst). ... and how you can follow in his footsteps!S4E9:  "Back to School": Time to be Inspired. Meet Patricia Trejo: From a quiet school girl to "President"S4E8: Kirk Acevedo Shows Us What Passion, Dedication, & Self-Esteem Looks Like ... (exactly when most of us need to hear it)S4E7:  Well-known podcast and radio personality (& producer) Brent Hatley finally opens up about a verboten topic ... medical Botox & migraines!S4E6: Actor/Comedian/Legend Michael Rapaport Gets PoliticalS4E5 - Jeff the Drunk shares his journey to, and on, the Howard Stern ShowS4E4 - Meet Mariann from Brooklyn, the sweetest toughest cookie from the Howard Stern ShowS4E3 - Comedian Corey “The Buttercream Dream” Forrester opens way up about “white privilege,” Southern accents, living in Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Ga. district, and his famous online rants. (Note: contains bad words)S4E2 - From MAGA to a “Liberal Democrat,” Political Commentator David Weissman explains his honest, yet controversial, journey within our country’s political landscape.S4E1 - How to: Write a Book in 2021, with guest NYTimes Best-Selling Author Caridad PineiroS3E8 - What’s Trump’s Legal Team Allowed to do? We ask. Our Source answers.S3E7 - Cover Model Lisa Guerrero catches bad guys for a living. But, right now, there’s just one thing on her mind ... the election!S3E6 - Salsa, Miami, Bella Chrissie Fit, & Cubanos con Biden!S3E5 - Cubans for Biden? ... How? Why? What?! You have Qs, Miami Cuban Amore Rodriguez has As. She’s one of the organizers for the grassroots “Cubanos con Biden” group, who answers your Qs, explains “socialism vs. communism,” & more.S3E4 - Which Presidential candidate really cares more about women’s rights? Human rights & TV Commentator Kelly Hyman says she knows. (She has a lot more to say on this topic too, BTW!)S3E3 - Dan McNeil Doesn’t Think Before He Tweets, & Pays the Price!S3E2 - Governor Patrick Remembers MLK, Jr.And he thinks you should too ... but why?S3E1 Another shooting? Who’s to blame? A liberal journalist asks the founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC. ... and the news is no bueno!S2E12:  Should protestors care about George Floyd? Does a woman have to obey her husband, have babies, & serve her family? Guest Jesse Peterson shares his unique thoughts on these topics & more.S2E11:  From Protests to Riots, U.S. Cities Are War Zones ... & We Ask NYPD’s Finest: Why?