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Adventures Of The StarKeepers is a family-focused podcast that tells exciting tales while helping kids learn about important virtues and topics. Each story follows a group of young heroes called the StarKeepers in their fun, action-packed missions to protect the universe from bumbling villains. read less

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The Adventures of the StarKeepers podcast takes listeners on an audio adventure through the cosmos. This family-focused science fiction podcast is a captivating serial drama made for kids.

The podcast follows adventurers like Nova, Detective Bubbles, Glacia, and Flash. They discover new planets in search of StarKeepers. The heroes encounter big bad guys like Nebulos and the Sun Stealer. In every quest, young listeners can learn valuable lessons. This band of misfits is the universe's only hope against the forces of evil that threaten the stars.

Curious minds can explore the outer reaches of space along with the StarKeepers. A new adventure awaits in every episode of this exciting podcast. The cast of voice actors brings these fun characters to life. Immersive sound effects capture kids' imaginations. The show's production quality creates a thrilling and realistic world for young listeners. Adventures of the StarKeepers rockets across the galaxy to swamps, deserts, and oceans. Every planet the heroes visit offers a new quest for them to explore.

The fleshed-out characters enhance the podcast. The story begins with Dex, the leader of the StarKeepers. When River finds him out camping, she takes him on an incredible adventure. River teaches Dex about the powers of the Heart of the Universe. The Starkeepers also include aliens with special powers. Glacia freezes her enemies with her ice powers. Leo uses his fire powers to protect his friends. Bubbles controls water (when she isn't distracted by something shiny). Flash is the youngest member of the StarKeepers. He may be small, but his lightning powers will shock those who underestimate him.

Parents looking for a wholesome and engaging adventure for their kids may delight in this podcast. Adventures of the StarKeepers uses fun space adventures to instill meaningful morals. New episodes come out twice a month.

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