Felix Sicard, of Sicard Terror Productions, is going to immerse you in a nightmare. And we mean this in the best possible way. Sicard Terror Productions designed The Haunted Toyshop escape room, in Temecula, in 2017.   It was a huge success, and Felix and his crew continue to design haunts, escape rooms and horror effects. And--Felix is still in his teens!  So he's innovating, as he says, "a new generation of horror". At ScareLA, Felix talked about the origins of his small business, Sicard Terror Productions, gave a shout out to the creatives with whom he works (including Stuartizm Designs, LLC and Creepy Collection Halloween and Haunted House Props), and offered his advice to fellow innovators. On this edition of Over Coffee®, you will hear: How Felix first started creating haunts; His experience, with designing "The Haunted Toyshop" escape room; The best creative challenge with which he worked; What he's currently working on, with VR; How to get involved (he needs volunteers!); His favorite memory, from guests' reactions to "The Haunted Toyshop"; What horror fans will experience, with his new VR project; His advice for anyone else who'd like to create escape rooms. One of the best mistakes he made, from which he learned while building his creative business; A resource he'd recommend, to fellow creatives in the haunt industry; Fellow creative artists he'd recommend, with whom he works.