222 To Be Like Water • Margot Rossi

Qiological Podcast

Oct 19 2021 • 1 hr 34 mins

Heartbreak is unavoidable. It’s not a flaw in character or make up humans, it’s a feature. It’s what allows us to grow beyond the bounds and limits of family, friend group, peers and whatever group identity we find that gives a sense of belonging and security.

Heart break expands our boundaries, the question is does it break you open or break you closed?

In this conversation with Margot Rossi we give space to how our brokenness is the source of both suffering and redemption. How our greatest troubles, self destructive tendencies and unexamined suffering are all opportunities to cultivate an open field of attention that can be shifted with our intention and spirit.

Listen into this discussion that touches on the principles of attention, stillness and healing that she brings to life in her recently published book “To Be Like Water.”

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