Series 3 Episode 7 - The Briefing

30 Years since

Oct 14 2021 • 14 mins

This is a “camp fire” style story, set in the very near future where an alien invasion has happened. Earth had lost the battle. After a short but bloody war, most of the human children were taken off world to be enslaved. All that were left alive on earth were either too old to go off world, too young to work as slaves or those in the resistance that were never rounded up and killed.

This Podcast contains graphic descriptions of butchery and murder hand in hand with strong and colourful language. This Podcast is defiantly not suitable for younger listeners.

Episode 7 The Briefing

The Bounty meets up with a ship from the greys fleet, and is landed in the hanger bay. Henry, chichi and Elvis are taken to a conference room where a few higher up greys are waiting for the three.

The stolen Anunaki computer is on a table and is interfaced with a greys computer. A holographic projection is shown of the near completed Dyson sphere around Nibiru’s red dwarf sun. The Dyson sphere isn’t a full one, but a double halo north to South and East to west. The grey scientists say that the Dyson sphere when completed can generate enough power from the star it can transport the sphere to any other star and launch an instant attack on any star system they chose. Plus because the selected star will also super charge the spheres shields they will be impenetrable. The construction of this mega structure has taken 50,000 years, and it’s nearly ready. It is assumed that the sphere will be ready in a matter of weeks or even months and the only place the shields are not really operational are in the sections where the incomplete section is.

The bounty is ordered to take a selection of grey scientists and slip onto the sphere without being noticed and find a way to at the bare minimum delay the completion and if at all possible destroy it.

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