PIPS and The Threat To Black Employees-The Mini Series

Blackness and the Workplace

Sep 20 2020 • 47 mins

Performance Improvement Plans (aka PIPs) are a treasured institution in Human Resources but they are problematic especially when they are used as weapons against Black people in the workplace. The impact of being unfairly place on a PIP cannot be understated as it can affect one's professional standing as well as mental and emotional health.

In this mini-series, Jessica interviews Black professionals from various fields and backgrounds about their personal experiences with PIPs and their consequences. To start off this mini-series, she is speaking with Shamika Abraham, author of 'Stop Weaponizing PIPS Against Black Professionals' to begin discussing this issue in more depth.

Article: https://shamikax.medium.com/stop-weaponizing-pips-against-black-professionals-86db264a7a98

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