Vancord CyberSound


CyberSound is an all-new podcast, built with business owners and professionals in mind. We'll be covering news regarding IT security, some of the most recent and relevant threats that organizations are facing today, and how to prevent and prepare to keep your business safe.

042 - Growing Up Online: How Do I Talk to My Child About Cybersecurity?041 - Vancord: Securing a More Connected Future040 - The Latest: May 2022 News Segment039 - The First 48 Hours: How to Know You've Been Attacked038 - April News Segment037 - The Ins and Outs of Cyber Warfare036 - What Does Network Segmentation Really Mean?035 - Secure Access Service Edge034 - I'm Understaffed - What Do I Do Now?033 - The Mainframe032 - Incident Response and Event Automation031 - Risk Assessment for Small Business030 - The Rise of the Mobile Scam029 - Dark Web 101028 - Google Do's And Don'ts - How To Protect Your Privacy027 - Cyberliability: New Requirements to get Insured026 - The Main Frame Connecticut Public Act 21-119025 - 2022: The Year Ahead (P2)024 - 2021: A Year In Review (P1)023 - Security is Not Optional