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Join Patty as she uses her ADHD-friendly lens to explore ways to create more ease for anyone impacted by ADHD.

ADHD-Friendly exists to support individuals impacted by ADHD to tilt the playing field and THRIVE with ADHD. Patty shares ADHD-friendly products, services, tools, systems, books, and more- all focused on closing the gap between struggling and thriving!

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LEAP Day FREE Offering #123
Feb 28 2024
LEAP Day FREE Offering #123
Since 2012 Patty has been exploring, planning, and thinking about ways to use Leap Day in ADHD-Friendly ways, but in true ADHD fashion, those intentions weren’t implemented. No more! Patty put the structure in place to offer something this Leap Day, February 29, 2024. This is the Leap Day where intentions meet actions!While it isn’t the day-long workshop or in-person event she envisioned so many times over the years, it is something. And, something is more than nothing! So, without further delay, Patty is offering a FREE Body Double session on February 29 from 12-1:30 pm ET on Zoom. The link and details on how the Body Doubling time will be structured is below. Also, in this episode she shares some additional ADHD-friendly ways to explore using this extra day to get things checked off your list.Join Patty on Zoom (12-1:30 ET) Meeting ID: 840 9661 1710 Passcode: 490473The ADHD-Friendly Planner PDF is available in the ADHD-Friendly shop for only $9.95: you for checking out this episode of the ADHD Friendly podcast with Patty Blinderman!!New episodes are posted every Wednesday! Subscribe to the channel here: out/Join the ADHD-Friendly membership here: subscribe to my YouTube channel, ADHD Friendly Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information on the ADHD-Friendly services offered by Patty, please visit her website: