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Bonnie Wirth, B. Msc.

I am passionate about helping people create positive changes in their life. I am passion driven as a result of overcoming my experiences-the hidden and made to think shameful, the misunderstood, the perceived wrongs, the negative beliefs and the family/societal conformities. Now I live to improve life in all ways, to live as blissfully as possible. If I can do it, anybody can! Sharing my story with you will inspire and offer hope of better days to come. My intention is always to help you remain in Divine flow, help you embrace life with passion and appreciation, find balance, perspective and ultimately a joyful and rewarding life! PURE Talk Radio provides me with the venue to do just that in a really big way! Join me on this amazing adventure as I share my journey to uplift and empower others through motivating and inspirational show topics, powerful life-changing stories and contributions from our phenomenal guests! It’s all about Empowerment. It just keeps getting better and better!

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Today I Promise Myself
Oct 1 2013
54 mins
Today I Promise MyselfStinky Piles of Poo!Special Encore Presentation: Your Story MattersExperience Yourself by Following Your HeartSweet DreamsDiscover Your Emotional Age™ and How it is Impacting Every Aspect of Your Life!Special Encore Presentation: Breakthrough to SuccessKindness IS Love in Action“What Happens If I?”Embracing Health; Meals that Heal InflammationSpecial Encore Presentation: Time for MeditationSpecial Encore Presentation: Heart to Heart through MusicSpecial Encore Presentation: All Things AngelsSpecial Encore Presentation: The Mind and Body ConnectionThe Journey of Our SoulBusiness through Love and GratitudeBreakthrough to Success(5) Steps Toward Self MasteryLiving the Feng Shui WayTime for Meditation