Discover Your Emotional Age™ and How it is Impacting Every Aspect of Your Life!

PURE Talk Radio

Aug 27 2013 • 55 mins

Most of us know scientists have determined that although we all have a “Chronological Age”, we also have a “Biological Age”. For example, you could be 45-years-old but biologically be closer to 60 (or vice versa). But did you also know you could be 45-years-old chronologically but “emotionally” be closer to that of a rebellious, reckless teenager? Or on the other hand, you could be 20-years-old but “emotionally” behave more like a 60-year-old, highly-responsible, extremely mature, and often exhausted woman. Crystal Andrus joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio to share her brand-new concept, discuss how you can discover you’re “Emotional Age™” and how it is dictating every aspect of your life.