Acts - Week 5

New Life Gillette Church Teachings

Oct 10 2022 • 39 mins

Acts Week 5 Teaching

In this teaching, we hear from Pastor Mike as he talks about having crucial conversations and how to give grace and speak truth.

We can't just know the truth. We have to take action, to share the truth. So many of us are tempted to run to our comfort zones, away from important conversations. We get scared, and avoid the conversation. Patterson says in the book Crucial Conversations:

"The mistake most of us make in our crucial conversations is we believe that we have to choose between telling the truth and keeping a friend."

Kerry Patterson, Crucial Conversations

That's why many of us don't share our faith. We don't want to lose a friend. But shouldn't we be more worried about their eternity? This is good news! You don't have to have all the answers you just need to have grace and speak truth.

Acts Week 5 Teaching Text

Acts 8:29-35