17: on teenagers - homework, technology and trust

this family life

Aug 14 2016 • 27 mins

This is another solo podcast from Nic in response to listeners who wanted to hear more on how she deals with teenagers in her home. Nic and her husband have (nearly) three teenagers, their daughter will be 13 in a few months, and Nic has learnt a tremendous amount about parenting teenagers over the last four years.

Her key learnings have come from getting it wrong the first time around and trying to find a better way of working with her kids to resolve the issues they have. They can be great teachers if we listen.

In this podcast Nic shares:

  • What did and didn't work with managing homework with the kids
  • How managing technology too tightly caused problems
  • While scary at times, kids need to learn to self regulate and manage themselves - and we as parents need to let go
  • The importance of keeping a relationship with your teenager

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